Economy and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee 7/6/2012 Declarations of Interest, Minutes, Appointment of Vice-Chair, Presentation on Combisave valve

The Chair pointed out there were no microphones as these were needed by the Employment and Appointments Committee. He asked people to speak up. He welcomed the three new members of the Committee, Robert, Mike and Janette.

Item 1 Declarations of Interest
No Declarations of interest were made.

Item 2 Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on 8th March were agreed.

Item 3 Appointment of Vice-Chair
Nominations were sought for Vice-Chair.
Labour spokesperson Cllr Jean Stapleton was proposed by Cllr Mark Johnston and the proposal was seconded.
There were no other nominations.
Cllr Jean Stapleton was appointed as Vice-Chair unanimously.

Item 4 Presentation and Discussion – Member of the Business Community

The Chair tried to give context to the presentation and Q&A session of David and Lisa.

A Powerpoint presentation was given by Lisa about their Combisave product which was a thermostatic valve for a combi boiler. When attached to the pipe work it would save gas (resulting in carbon savings) and water. It also speeded up the time that hot water arrived.

Lisa showed the Committee a Youtube video created by University of Salford students. She estimated that fitting the valve would result in savings of £50 to £100/year. There was also a video for installers on Youtube.

She detailed the work they had done with United Utilities, British Gas as well as the media coverage they had received on BBC Radio 2. She went into detail about their problems in finding a manufacturer and the awards they had won (or been shortlisted for).

She showed links to the following Youtube videos.

Combisave Before and After and Fitting the Combisave.

Councillors then asked questions.

One asked the price. The answer given was £79 + VAT (£94.80) and it was pointed out that Wirral Partnership Homes was trialling forty.

Cllr Denise Realey asked a question about pre heat. It was answered that it was the same or better than pre heat.

Another councillor asked why they didn’t manufacture it themselves?
The answer given was that it had taken three years of research and design and the product had only been launched last year. The current products were being given out for trials.

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