Posted by: John Brace | 4th October 2011

Election Expenses Candidate: Barbara Sinclair Agent: Barbara Poole Claughton ward 2011 (Wirral Borough Council) Candidate and agent declaration

Candidate Declaration (Barbara Sinclair) Claughton ward 2011 Wirral Borough Council agent: Barbara Poole

Candidate Declaration (Barbara Sinclair) Claughton ward 2011 Wirral Borough Council agent: Barbara Poole

Agent Declaration (Barbara Poole) Claughton ward 2011 Wirral Borough Council candidate: Barbara Sinclair

Agent Declaration (Barbara Poole) Claughton ward 2011 Wirral Borough Council candidate: Barbara Sinclair


  1. I wonder if there is anybody at all in the “LibDem” party who is remotely interested in human life.

    If so they will either wish to explain why the following is wrong or why Chris Huhne and anybody who supports him is unfit for any public service:

    Arguably the most important piece of infrastructure in the country is the grid (transmission and distribution). If it fails the economic damage will be enormous and people will die by the thousand. How long can most people survive with no electricity (for most people this means no shops, no travelling, no frozen food, no cooking, no heating, no work, etc etc). So you would think that the most important job of the energy ministers would be maintaining the integrity of the grid. This means ensuring that the grid code is rigorously applied, i.e. that generators connected to the grid enhance its stability and integrity. So what do we find? Well of course the grid code is relaxed so that harmful generators like wind turbines can be connected to the grid. And what does our chief energy minister think of a policy designed to destroy this most important piece of infrastructure? He thinks wind turbines are pretty and beautiful. Truly we are governed by buffoons.

    • Thank you for comment.

      You are correct that the National Grid is a critical part of the nation’s infrastructure. There is in fact a government body (with a website) that has responsibility for its protection – see this website.

      Travel (to shops) is usually by either private or public transport which are reliant on fossil fuels (and generally not the national grid). However you are correct that in the event of a power cut refrigeration units fail. You are also correct that without an electricity supply you cannot generate a spark for cooking, however matches can be used instead.

      Locally here on Wirral there are two examples of wind turbines, Burbo Bank and wind turbines on the Liverpool Docks. They provide an important contribution to reducing this country’s demand for fossil fuels (which lead to climate change).

      You are correct however that wind energy is not as predictable as other forms of energy, however I am unaware of any problems caused to the grid’s stability by the use of wind farms. Ministers such as Chris Huhne are there to represent the interests of the public. The Lib Dems as a party are committed to reducing this country’s dependence on fossil fuels, many of which have to be imported due to declining North Sea reserves, which puts us at the mercy of foreign countries, price fluctuations and spikes due to currency differences. Burning of fossil fuels in coal and gas fired power stations is ultimately unsustainable.

      Even with our current infrastructure there are occassional power cuts if major sources of power such as a nuclear power station go offline unexpectedly. I remember a power cut in Birkenhead for this very reason for a few hours a few years ago.

      National Grid is responsible for the nation’s energy infrastructure. If you could provide more detail on specifically what you mean it would be useful.

  2. The pumps pumping petrol at petrol stations are electrically powered.

    The contribution of windmills, far from being significantly beneficial is destabilising (if you didn’t previously know that you are invited to check) and last winter when temperatures were -20 C came to 0.2% of all electricity. I am quite certain Mr Huhne knows this. In which case he simply doesn’t care about human life.

    • I take your point that pumps at petrol stations are electrically driven.

      The main sources of energy for electricity generation are gas, coal and nuclear.

      The reason for increasing wind turbines is to comply with a target of 15% of energy from renewable sources by 2020. Scotland has a different target regarding renewables due to devolution. These targets were signed up to by the previous Labour government and enshrined in EU law specifically the EU Renewables Directive.

      The expansion of wind farms was announced about four years ago (by the previous Labour government). I realise that the energy from wind turbines is:-

      a) increasing as a % of the overall energy mix and
      b) isn’t as predictable as it’ll be zero where the wind isn’t blowing and increases with how much more wind there is and therefore can cause some problems with distribution.

      However in Winter, when temperatures are low, most people use gas for heating, not electricity.

      What is the alternative you propose then for reaching a renewables target, more hydroelectricity and solar power?

      • Nuclear iwould be a small fraction of the cost of windmills even if windmills were not actually counterproductive. It is also much more low carbon than windmills if that matters to you. It provides 85% of France’s power so the implication that EU countries can’t use it is clearly false.

        However the Pseudoliberals are, on purely ideological grounds opposed to nuclear. The onus is thus on you to find some similarly priced & available alternative – otherwise far from being liberal you are a party of ideological Luddites actively committed to poverty and massively expanding the current freezing to death of 25,000 pensioners you are annually guilty of.

        • The Lib Dem party is pretty much split between the pro-nuclear and anti-nuclear sides.

          You are right that France generates a lot of its energy from nuclear, however it also has plenty of mountains to put the nuclear reactors in.

          The issue of what to with low level and high level radioactive nuclear waste, public concern about Chernobyl/Fukushima type events and the thorny issue of nuclear weapons all count against nuclear power.

          However, if we’re to move away from fossil fuels to generate power, something else will have to replace them.

          Moving onto pensioners, that’s why (most) pensioners get the Winter Fuel Payment (formerly Winter Fuel Allowance) which last year ranged from £100 to £300. You can see a table of who qualifies and for how much here – .

          It is rather contentious as to what the level should be though .

          You are correct that fuel poverty is an issue and nobody should be forced to choose between heating and eating.

          • The party is not “split”. The party has repeatedly decided overwhelmingly to embrace Luddism. Indeed supporting nuclear openly is officially incompatible with party membership.

            Actually most reactors are near shores rather than on top of mountains, because it is easier to get the quantities of water they need for coolong near water. Britain has more shoeline than France.

            Waste is far less of a problem than for windmills which leave at least 1,000 tons of concrete each.. You are right that anti-nuclear scare stories are a problem but only because anti-nuclear liars, which obviopusly include virtually the entire Pseudolib party, tell them. In fact nuclear is far safer than any other form of generation, including windmills – this is publicly ahreed by ever singl politician who is not wholly corrupt as you ecofascists are. The Winter Fuel Payment is a cynical fraud by corrupt politicians using it as an excuse for higher taxes when they know for a fact that without their Luddism net fuel costs to pensioners would be far lower than with the “allowance” the taxpayer “gives” them.

            “nobody should be forced to choose between heating and eating” – if that is not a cynical lie that nobody not wholly corript could ever claim then you will have already publicly denounced the Pseudoliberals I’d like a link to that.

            • Here’s a link to the Canterbury and Whistable Lib Dem website where the sentence “In some cases, pensioners may even be forced to choose between heating and eating as temperatures plunge.” was used in March 2010 during the General Election campaign.

              • Indeed – and having read it tiu will know what ecofascist hypocrisy it is. It attempts to defraud voters by showing faux “LbDem” sympathy for the pensioners while hiding the fact that they are freezing purely because of political parasitic Luddism and implicittly pretending thatthe people producing the electricity are in some way responsible for the cost increases tou eco-fascists produce.

                Thank you for that further proof of the total dishonesty of your corrupt party and of the fact that even when you make the noises you don’t actually mean a word of it, it is simply to lie to the public.

                • At the time it was written we still had a Labour government. However this is a more recent press release on the matter from a Lib Dem MP Tim Farron who is also the Party President.

                  I don’t understand your argument as to why green forms of electricity generation (for example wind, solar etc) would cost the consumer more? Surely if it cost more the market would decide to buy the energy from the cheaper source?

                  Are you saying that wind turbines (which provide local employment here at Cammell Lairds) are subsidised?

                  • “Are you saying that wind turbines (which provide local employment here at Cammell Lairds) are subsidised?”


                    Are you seriously claiming not to know that? If so under what possible circumstances could anybody trust you, or any party which gives you any slightest responsibility, to be correctly informed on any subjesct whatsoever. Thus under what circumstances could any member claiming to speak with authority ever be assumed truthful?

                    • I was vaguely aware that green forms of energy (eg wind turbines) attracted some sort of subsidy as without the subsidy they would be uneconomic compared to other forms of power generation (at least that’s the logic behind the subsidy as well as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions). As to the specifics of how much I wouldn’t know without looking it up as it’s neither an area I work in, nor one that I know much about.

                      However, I’m not the minister, who gets advised by civil servants and special advisers and has a whole government department to help him.

                      Also this is a personal blog, I’m not writing on behalf of a political party. On every page of this blog it states “Just to clear this up
                      Thoughts expressed on this blog are John Brace’s and his alone and do not always represent the views of the Liberal Democrat Party, where he works or any other organisation he may be involved with.”

  3. I’m sorry your “Are you saying that wind turbines (which provide local employment here at Cammell Lairds) are subsidised?” seemed to suggest you had some doubt on it.

    Roughly 93% of every electricity bill is some form of government parasitism – a mixture of direct enforced subsidy, bureaucracy, overregulation and the prevention of the economies of mass production. If you are going to support that you should attempt to find out exactly what you are doing since the responsibility for your actions lies with you.

    I agree with you that the party leaders cannot be unaware of exactly what they are doing and of exactly how many people they are currently affecting and how many more they are airming at