Election result (Wirral Council, 2015): Oxton: Labour gain from Lib Dems (Paul Doughty)

Election result (Wirral Council, 2015): Oxton: Labour gain from Lib Dems (Paul Doughty)

Election result (Wirral Council, 2015): Oxton: Labour gain from Lib Dems (Paul Doughty)


Candidate Party Votes
Paul Andrew Doughty Labour 3,085
Stuart Kelly Liberal Democrat 2,788
Hilary Margaret Jones Conservative 854
David Charles Martin UK Independence Party (UKIP) 615
Liz Heydon Green Party 424

The turnout was 69.4% and the electorate was 11,236. This result was declared at 13:26.

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Author: John Brace

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9 thoughts on “Election result (Wirral Council, 2015): Oxton: Labour gain from Lib Dems (Paul Doughty)”

  1. G’day John

    I thought this dude had Prenton is he another with delusions of grandeur?

    A sad day for Wirral when they oust the only one prepared to stand up for openness honesty and transparency.

    A low act.

    Bring in the Administration.



    1. Yes, he was a councillor in Prenton. However he stood in Oxton this year and as he has beaten Stuart Kelly he’s now a councillor in Oxton (which is where Paul Doughty lives).

      1. G’day John

        Is the Clowncill site wrong.

        Home address:
        2 Duncote Close
        CH43 6YA

        I don’t really care but I do know they are completely incompetent and I hope they are being watched super closely these days.



        Bring in the Administration

        1. It’s in Oxton. The Royal Mail say my address is officially “Prenton” but I live in Bidston, not Prenton. A lot of Birkenhead is called “Prenton” by the Royal Mail but it’s not Prenton…

  2. I wonder if he declared any religious connections to the electorate when he went knocking on doors e.g. the fact that the Mormon Church takes 10 per cent of his councillor allowance as a sort of ‘tithe’.

    I wouldn’t have voted for him if I’d known this, (well, I’d have voted Green or TUSC) but did the good people of Oxton know that their council tax money’s being recycled to Salt Lake City, Utah, or were they fobbed off with bollocks and treated as idiots?

  3. An able and conscientious Councillor who by his forensic questioning tried to hold this administration to account. Did Mr Doughty resign his Prenton seat to silence this thorn in the Labour group’s side. I despair now how effective thje Audit and Risk committeee will now be.
    Reasonable electors’ last hope is Eric Pickles in central government

    1. From the 1st April of this year, Wirral Council is required to have an auditor panel, legislation here. That auditor panel can be the Audit & Risk Management Committee, however it is also required to have a majority of independent members (meaning not councillors or officers) and an independent Chair.

      So, I wonder when Wirral Council will implement this legal requirement?

  4. G’day John

    Friday night ….what drunken irreverence will I show.

    It appears John that now “Phil the Dill’s Ugly twin brother with the comb over from hell” is under increased scrutiny with Wirralgate the henchmen need a new go to man with half a brain.

    So along comes “Doughnut” who is probably the only one with an IQ more than 5 and is prepared to sell his soul and turn up at Gra Gra’s farce of 8 October and suck up to all the woeful, lying officers.

    He then gives the people of Prenton who voted for him the go get fukked I only used you and does as told to see off the only decent person there.

    So now he is closer to the Hooligans Bar gang and can sneak out and smoke and drink with the lads. And get his next orders.



    Ps I wonder if grant monies are being checked more thoroughly these days?

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