Posted by: John Brace | 6 May 2016

Election Result (Wirral Council, 2016): Seacombe: Labour hold (Paul Stuart)

Election Result (Wirral Council, 2016): Seacombe: Labour hold (Paul Stuart)


Seacombe Ward
Name of candidate    Description (if any)  Votes  %
Paul Charles
 Labour Party 2,245  85%  Elected
John Richard
 Local Conservatives 386  15%  Not elected

There were 59 rejected ballot papers, the electorate was 10,091 and the turnout was 27%.

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  1. 59 rejected ballot papers all saying” non of the above!” what a joke!

  2. Bidston and St. James and Seacombe have both been Labour ward a long, long time.

    Although where I live in Bidston and St. James there were 6 candidates.

    Assuming that if there were only 2 candidates (as in Seacombe) and that the people who voted for the other 4 candidates didn’t vote, that’s 569 people in Bidston & St. James who voted (but not for Conservative or Labour) that had they lived in Seacombe would not have the choice of their chosen candidate or party on the ballot paper.

    I realise first past the post leads to a two party system but when I vote I expect to see more than just Conservative or Labour on the ballot paper!