Posted by: John Brace | 23 November 2018

Election Result (Wirral Council, 2018 By-election): Upton: Labour hold (Jean Robinson)

Election Result (Wirral Council, 2018 By-election): Upton: Labour hold (Jean Robinson)


Ballot Box

Ballot Box by NAS, CC-BY 3.0

Below are the results of the by-election in Upton ward in November 2018 of the election of a councillor to Wirral Council following the resignation of Matthew Patrick in October 2018. As the winner of the election was elected in a by-election, Jean Robinson serves the remainder of Matthew Patrick’s term of office and was elected as a councillor for a term of office that ends in May 2020.

Upton Ward
Name of candidate    Description (if any) Votes  %
Jean Mary
 Labour Party 1,490  61.3%  Elected
Emma Louise
 Conservative 705  29.0%  Not elected
 Green Party 151  6.22%  Not elected
 Liberal Democrats 83  3.42%  Not elected

There were 5 rejected ballot papers, the electorate was 12,040 and the turnout was 20.2%.

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  1. Hmm, upon seeing this tweet yesterday, I have the horrible sense that the victor could be very much from the wrong tendency or inclination, i.e. a subscriber to a historically exposed, now mortally wounded and moribund ********:

    Perhaps she or a supporter can come on here and quell my fears?

    • I’ve no idea whether you’ll have a response to your comment from someone involved in the Labour Party Paul.