Employment and Appointments Committee 11th August 2011 Part 1

The agenda and reports for this meeting can be viewed here.

The meeting started ten minutes late as Cllr Foulkes, Cllr Davies (Phil) and Cllr Jones (Adrian) who is the Chair and all members of the Labour Party didn’t arrive on time.

Cllr Adrian Jones started the meeting by apologising to the councillors, officers and members of the public present over the meeting started late. He thanked people for waiting and asked for any apologies.

Apologies had been already received from Cllr Jeff Green (who sent Cllr Lesley Rennie to deputise for him) and Cllr Johnston (who sent Cllr Gilchrist to deputise for him).

The Chair asked for any declarations of interest. None were declared.

Item 2 on the agenda was Department of Finance – Staffing of IT services with four appendices which were Appendix 1 – ITS structure (31.12.2010), Appendix 2 – ITS structure (post EVS), Appendix 3 – ITS restructure and Appendix 4 – IT Services Manager Job Description and Person Specification.

This item was introduced by Ian Coleman, the Director of Finance. He said it was to do with the restructure of the management of the IT services. Previous to the EVR there had been a Head of Service and four section heads. This would result in savings of £111,000 out of a total staff saving of half a £million. He said there had been a full and lengthy discussion at the briefing.

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