Employment and Appointments Committee 11th August 2011 Part 3

Jim Wilkie continued saying that the budget had been reduced, there were significant changes and they needed to remodel to do things in a different way. Four branches were going down to three. There was strategic overview of key services, they had taken on responsibility over transport services in the Learning and Achieving branch of the Children and Young People department and the Antisocial Behaviour Unit.

This report was looking at posts over spinal column 49. It sets out each posts proposals and allocates significant additional responsibilities. He was happy to go through on a post by post basis.

Cllr Gilchrist said “even I’m alright”, so Jim Wilkie said he would “stop there”. Cllr Gilchrist said he didn’t have a clear picture of the numbers of people in the structure, there were grey bold titles but not the details underneath. As Chair of Council Excellence he was aware that people could have added additional responsibilities such as additional duties as well as a range of new jobs which required a breadth of knowledge. On page 25, the second block on the left in the light grey he asked what secondary consultant meant as well as WASP. Was this an external consultant Wirral Council was bringing in?

Chris Hyams explained it was not an external consultant but experienced members of staff to advise. The report was agreed.

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