Employment & Appointments Committee – 27th January Part 11 – Chief Executive

Cllr Davies said it was “important to have consensus”. He was not specifically seeking to creation division. He agreed over the shared Chief Executive issue. This happened to a couple of London Boroughs. Given the geography and the fact we were the 9th largest Metropolitan Borough in the country and 3rd largest in the NW and given the amount of change we needed a dedicated Chief Exec. He said it would be interesting to see how London, especially works. Regarding the type of contract he had no strong views either way. There was a downside to a permanent contract, what happens if it went spectacularly wrong? A fixed term contract gave more opportunity to remove someone.

There were good quality candidates if it was just for a finite period of time. If a permanent contract was suggested his thoughts were if it does go wrong where do that leave us? Reflecting on the salary, a good salary would attract good quality candidates. In the current climate the public wouldn’t understand or support a large salary, he suggested £130,000.

Cllr Green said circa £130,000. Cllr Davies replied by saying there would be room for manuever. He asked about the contract issue.

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Author: John Brace

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