Employment & Appointments Committee – 27th January Part 13 – Chief Executive

Cllr Davies said he accepted that. He hoped the appointment would be a success. There have been examples elsewhere and he made an assurance that it would be a permanent appointment. He then went on do talk about performance management, delivery and details.

Cllr Green said there was consensus, but he would start from the top. A clear appraisal would be really good and would refresh minds and whether it was necessary or right. There could be tweaking but this is what we expect. Cllr Davies agreed and the discussion moved onto timescale.

Cllr Green said another issue was the use of external consultants to which he had given some though. He didn’t believe they were needed as such over the selection process. However they could provide support with longlisting as well as supporting Chris and the people on the subcommittee. Their expertise and professionalism would be welcome in weeding out dodgy applications from those with a track record of success.

Cllr Holbrook asked for the committee’s views on consultants. He said they didn’t need them with regard to search, but will need support as the application process progresses from longlisting to shortlisting. There would be a mix of internal and external applicants. There was a level of difficulty for staff in giving fair and impartial advice. His view was that HR staff could access independent, impartial support and advice to assist. If it was with consultants it was a better economy. Support was necessary and he said we must make sure we take the necessary steps.

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Author: John Brace

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