Posted by: John Brace | 30 November 2010

Gritting (continued) as the weather gets colder

Having received a phone call from someone (I presume based at Wirral Council) I now better understand why there are the problems with gritting (and complaints from residents).

Although I was told that routes on the list are being gritted, the grit isn’t being as effective as it could be due to the low temperatures. I was reassured that although the gritting team is working hard there are factors outside of its control. For example if the temperature drops too low for it to work.

I did ask why they weren’t using grit that works at the lower temperatures; the answer given was the other type of grit costs more. An added complication is that weather forecasts aren’t always 100% correct.

The person wanted to make sure I wasn’t “misleading the public”; so hopefully the above explains matters better. I will also be rereading the review from last year and looking into this in more detail.

Interestingly the cold weather seems to have led to more visitors to this blog. I might point out that Colas gave out the wrong information regarding Streetscene as it’s open from 8am (not 9am, which is what Colas stated).