Health and Well Being Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 20/6/2011 – Part 2

Howard Cooper continued stating that services had been commissioned at Girtrell Court and Silverdale (or did he mean Sylvandale?). They were investing capital and making a cosmetic refurbishment. The plan was to do a substantial refurbishment in the interests of energy efficiency. To meet demand they would like to have provision available. A small number of providers had retained the employment of people who had planned to leave under the EVR/VS in June. There were proper handover arrangements. For interim care in Poulton House and Pensall House they had commissioned external providers to undertake the work: Hoylake Cottage, Park House and Grove House.

For those who were new to the committee he explained that interim care referred to those who had been discharged from hospital and was for six weeks (which he then corrected to four weeks). It was an extra backup and due to the nature of the clients had to be accessed rapidly. There was also the reablement and support at home from the HART service.

On the subject of Southern Cross he was happy to give a detailed summary to be appended to the minutes. He was however conscious that some of the numbers were not exactly right. There had been extensive coverage about Southern Cross. There were two sorts of concerns, quality and concerns relating to the financial position of the company.

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