Posted by: John Brace | 6 April 2011

HMRC – Self Assessment down

Being self-employed each year I have to file a tax return. However, in something they have in common with the local Labour Party, the HMRC website is not working.

As someone who works in IT I can understand why it has been unavailable the past few days while the enterprise release is installed. However it was supposed to be up and running by 6am this morning.

Obviously preventing people from filling out tax returns online is going to mean the government gets income tax and NI from self-employed people later. In previous years I have not noticed any glitches in the system. One would hope the Coalition government sees the sense in getting this fixed sooner rather than later.

I will certainly be sending an email suggesting it does. It almost makes me nostalgic for the days of paper, pen and adding things up with calculators.


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