Posted by: John Brace | 6th April 2011

Reason to vote Liberal Democrat on May 5th – Day One

The local Labour Party website has often provided me with amusement in the way things are put. However today was even more interesting.

All of its pages now look like this (the login page for WordPress).

So reason #1 to vote Lib Dem is that we can manage to run a website.

Unlike Labour, local Lib Dems work hard all year round on communicating with the public through many means to suit them whether email, website, leaflets, phone or personal visits. Why don’t you vote Liberal Democrat on May 5th?


  1. 1. Because you’re a ******* **** who is supporting one of the most right wing governments this country has ever seen?

    Edit:- [insults asterisked because it contravenes s.106 ss. 1a/b of the Representation of the Peoples Act 1983]

    2. No one asked youyour party to dismantle the nhs and give it to Andrew Lansley’s mates but you your party have supported and are only ‘consulting’ now to give you half a chance in the local elections?

    3 you Your party PROMISED not to put up tuition fees….?Nuff said on that one

    4 you’re *****?

    That’s four reasons for a start. And I voted LibDem at the general election

    • Thank you for your comment. Like most Liberal Democrats I welcome the views of the public.

      However to deal with your points in turn.

      1. You are entitled to your opinion, however a coalition with Labour was not an option because they didn’t have enough MPs to make a majority. Would you have preferred another General Election or a minority Tory government?
      2. I haven’t personally dismantled the NHS, in fact my immediate family (mother, brother, wife) have all worked for it. Recently at the party’s Sheffield conference I along with many other delegates voted against the Coalition’s policy on this matter. Lib Dem party policy is currently at odds with current Coalition government thinking on this matter.

      Before voting on this matter I heard the views of a GP lobbying us in Sheffield, my wife (a retired paramedic) and many others.

      1. No I didn’t promise not to put up tuition fees. However I did campaign to scrap tuition fees (there is a difference). I also campaigned to scrap ID cards. Some MPs and Lib Dem candidates did sign a pledge. However it only took effect if they were elected as it referred to voting. The pledge was two fold:-

      a) to vote against any increase in fees (in the next parliament)
      b) to pressure the government for a fairer alternative

      About half the Lib Dem MPs did vote against any increase in fees. There was pressure put on the government for a fairer alternative (eg the National Scholarship Fund meaning some students going to universities charging the higher fees won’t pay fees in certain years and changes made to the repayment system).

      1. I can see how you may feel that way. However I’m not the Parliamentary Spokesperson, neither did I personally sign a pledge.

      Thank you for voting Lib Dem at the last General Election. However the next General Election won’t be until 2015. I hope you consider the above responses when deciding how to vote in the local elections this year. What would you suggest we do differently?

  2. Why don’t I vote Liberal?

    Well I did at the last election and….

    1. Tuition fees – don’t know if you recall a certain PROMISE made on that subject
    2. I don’t recall anyone suggesting the NHS needed overhauling, but LibDems have gone along with it all so far – a bit of a coincidence that the ‘pause’ sort of covers the local election period
    3. Before the election your brilliant economics man Vince Cable said that we shouldn’t cut the deficit quickly – now he thinks you should; ‘because it was in a worse state than he though’ – that’s a proven lie
    4. You Your party is behind the complete dismantling of public services – something Thatcher would have been proud of.

    So – having voted LibDem at the general election, I wouldn’t vote for you now because you are clearly liars who are just happy to sell your beliefs to have a sniff of power.

    Prepare for oblivion in a few weeks time.

    Oh … and congratulations on having a working website

      1. I do recall what was said at the time. However I personally didn’t make such a promise.
      2. That’s not entirely true. The NHS budget (along with international aid) is one of the few areas that isn’t being cut. As to “overhauling” there are areas in which the NHS can be improved. We haven’t “gone along with it all so far” as thousands of Lib Dem conference representatives only a few weeks ago voted to change course on this matter.
      3. Before the election all parties were shown the state of the government’s finances. Unless the deficit is tackled, the rate at which the government pays interest on its borrowings rises (which would cause more problems). Even Labour agreed to cut the deficit over the next years if elected. I’m not sure entirely what you mean as it’s subjective.
      4. Some things have been cut (ID cards etc), but it just puts us back to where government spending was a few years ago.

      Thank you for the congratulations.

      P.S. If I was the kind of person who sold my soul, I’d have got elected by now. Honesty isn’t rewarded in our current political system. The Labour candidate said in his election literature four years ago:-

      1) That he’d give the people four years of his time (but got suspended for a week as a councillor) and also decided to go on holiday rather than represent people.
      2) He put in his leaflet a picture of someone under the headline “Why We’re Voting for Harry Smith” who didn’t end up voting at all.

      So which party will you vote for and why?