Posted by: John Brace | 31 August 2016

Labour councillors on Wirral Council’s Cabinet will decide next Monday whether to spend £200,000 to demolish Lyndale School

Labour councillors on Wirral Council’s Cabinet will decide next Monday whether to spend £200,000 to demolish Lyndale School


Cabinet 17th December 2014 vote on Lyndale School closure L to R Cllr Tony Smith (Cabinet Member for Education), Cllr George Davies, Cllr Ann McLachlan

Cabinet 17th December 2014 vote on Lyndale School closure L to R Cllr Tony Smith (Cabinet Member for Education), Cllr George Davies, Cllr Ann McLachlan

As reported around a fortnight ago on this blog Wirral Council’s Cabinet meets next Monday morning to make another decision about Lyndale School.

Cabinet previously decided to close Lyndale School in Eastham at the end of August 2016. On Monday councillors on the Cabinet will be deciding whether to declare it surplus to requirements, to ask the government for permission to sell off the playing fields (with a further six-week consultation expected on this), demolish the school building and to sell off the site.

Demolishing the buildings will cost an estimated £200,000 and the Cabinet report recommends doing this before a consultation on selling off the playing fields.

The rationale for demolition is that an empty building could attract vandalism.

Parents of disabled children at Lyndale School campaigned to try to persuade the Labour councillors on Wirral Council to change their mind and keep the Lyndale School open. Although councillors from opposition parties agreed with the parents that the school should remain open, Labour councillors consistently voted to close the Lyndale School school.

The site of the former Lyndale School is expected to be sold for housing.

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  1. To be honest they can’t sink any lower as a Labour led led council, to use the excuse it is an abandoned building and maybe vandalised after they made it an abandoned building shows their true colours, me and my family an f friends will never ever vote for Labour in Wirral again.

    • The closure of Lyndale School does arouse strong feelings.

      The quote from the Cabinet Member in the report (which I didn’t use in the article above) was as follows,

      Councillor George Davies, Cabinet Member – Housing and Community
      Safety, said:

      “Now the former pupils of The Lyndale School are receiving their education at the other excellent schools in the borough, it falls on the Council to determine the best use of the old school building and surrounding land.

      Making sure we make the best possible use of every public building and asset is vital – to get best value for Wirral residents, to invest in and create jobs, and homes and to protect and improve Wirral’s local environment. This is equally true for this site; we must do everything we can to find the best possible use for the land for the benefit of all local residents.”

      • G’day John

        I’m back.

        Did ya miss me?

        I took Joey Blowey’s advice and went away.

        Guess what?

        I did and so did Wirral “Funny” Bizz……….just what he wanted.

        I think Lyndale if not re-opened should be turned into a detention centre for errant clowncil people who believe their own lies, cheating and obfuscations until they come clean.



        Luv ya Joey “clowncil person” Blowey X

        • Yes, I did wonder what had happened to you James, but I heard on the grapevine the reasons why.

  2. I am disgusted with the whole outcome of Lyndale School. I do not believe there was any reason in the first place to close that school, as I am quite sure there were plenty more children who could have attended that school if they had only been allowed to take more pupils on. Instead Lyndale was made to turn down pupils over the last few years, hence reducing the numbers making it look as though Lyndale school was no longer needed due to numbers of pupils falling – biggest load of trash going. Just an excuse to help it on it’s way to closure. If member’s of Labour party had had a pupil at that school, I am sure it would have been a totally different outcome. Our daughter just scraped in with attending Lyndale School for her full duration before moving up to the high school (starting this September). We were one of the lucky families as our daughter had the best education etc she could possibly have to prepare her for the next stage in life. Instead of spending the £200.000 on improving Lyndale school to make it even better for future pupils to benefit , it seems the cruellest thing out that somebody can decide it better to spend the money to demolish what could have been a fantastic school for disabled children on Wirral. Whoever makes these decisions are so heartless and cold. I really don’t know how they can sleep at night. To say I am disgusted about the decision is an understatement. I HOPE YOU ARE ALL PROUD OF YOURSELVES!

  3. Don’t they normally get someone in to set a fire!

    • Allegedly it seems so. The number of empty listed buildings that have gone up in flames gives rise to that suspicion. No one ever seems to be caught and tried with arson in such circumstances.

  4. G’day John

    From their rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters

    Claire House to have new home in Liverpool

    I presume this is before “Nurse Rat” and the rest of the vermin close it down?



    The only thing left soon will be their crazy footgolf on their crazy golf resorts.

    The new green keeper will be their ex-mate thicker than the chair Chair of The Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee.

    Don’t know if Person C*** is responsible for the article.

  5. G’day John

    Hope you have had a good rest from the dross, crud and ******** that is wirral clowncil.

    I wonder with more recent correspondence from Luxembourg will the thicker than the chair Chair of The Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee the one devious scum bag cretin “The Pretend Friend” finally make a statement about Wirral “Funny” Bizz and their planned and conspired cover up for over five years?

    This must have now cost Wirral well over £200,000.00.



    Don’t hold your breath though John they have the snakiest of them all at the helm now with his smile, nod, wink stab you in the back low life.

    Ecca what a team you have.

    • No I haven’t been taking a rest as you put it (chance would be a fine thing indeed!).

      I filmed two Wirral Council public meetings last week (one of Cabinet, the other of the People Overview and Scrutiny Committee).

      In addition to this I also filmed a meeting of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Audit Committee (a Wirral Council councillor sits on the Committee and was present for the meeting).

      Last week I finally received a decision from the First-tier Tribunal about my FOI request to Wirral Council made in 2013 (the one that you were at the hearing for in June), there’ll be a blog post about that later.

      I also answered a number of emails from a Wirral Council employee about requests made during the 2015-16 audit.

      In addition to the above I updated this page on the blog with links to videos about public meetings.

  6. G’day Mate

    What do you do in your spare time?



    Looks like Joey Blowey was a clowncil person and has been warned off commenting by the “****apple” fiasco.

    • Some of my spare time I spend with my wife (you’ve met her) such as travel and shopping.

      I also like spending time reading fiction and non-fiction. I’ve just finished an interesting non-fiction book about a family’s holidays to Canada (Across Canada with the Boys and Three Grannies by Matthew Collins).

      Sorry if these activities don’t sound very exciting, but there needs to be a balance in life between life and work.