Marmaduke in Going to the Dogs (Part 3)

Tales of Marmaduke

Marmaduke in Going to the Dogs (Part 3)


Tales of Marmaduke
Tales of Marmaduke

Continues from Marmaduke says goodbye to Mr Snake and his secrets (Part 2)

Marmaduke and the Red Gang at the Squirrel School were having a meeting. He asked the Red Gang what the local people had a lot of?

The Red Gang thought long and hard. They looked through their letters. A few had letters from the local people complaining about dogs.

“Dogs” a number of the Red Gang said in response to Marmaduke.

“Right” Marmaduke said beaming, “we’ll ask all dog owners to give us gold coins”.

The Red Gang looked afraid. A lot of the people around the Squirrel School had dogs. If they did what Marmaduke wanted then they would soon find themselves expelled.

None of the Red Gang liked to stand up to Marmaduke.

“It wouldn’t be fair on cat owners if we did that!” one finally said (hoping Marmaduke would change his mind).

“We could ask cat owners for gold coins too!” came Marmaduke’s reply.

This was even worse, making both dog and cat owners angry would surely see them expelled from the Squirrel School!

So instead one of the Red Gang called Moon came up with a plan.

From 2016 all dog crèches and people that looked after dogs at home would pay the Squirrel School gold coins.

64 gold coins each didn’t seem much. If the Squirrel School needed more gold coins the Squirrel School could charge vet fees or inspection fees.

Marmaduke was happy and the Red Gang was happy that they wouldn’t be expelled.

Marmaduke suggested that they don’t tell the ghosts this. If they did the people might find out!

Continues at Marmaduke finds out there were more problems than he thought (Part 4).

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