Mayor of Wirral Cllr Steve Foulkes welcomes 9 new councillors & Cllr Phil Davies announces Cabinet reshuffle

Mayor of Wirral Cllr Steve Foulkes welcomes 9 new councillors & Cllr Phil Davies announces Cabinet reshuffle

Mayor of Wirral Cllr Steve Foulkes welcomes 9 new councillors & Cllr Phil Davies announces Cabinet reshuffle


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Mayor of Wirral Councillor Steve Foulkes and councillors listen to Councillor Phil Davies announce his Cabinet reshuffle 9th June 2014
Mayor of Wirral Councillor Steve Foulkes and councillors listen to Councillor Phil Davies announce his Cabinet reshuffle 9th June 2014

Craig Manning has already written in the Wirral Globe about the chairs issue decided later in the meeting, so I thought I’d write about some other things announced earlier on in the meeting.

The Mayor’s announcements were brief, so I will directly quote what the Mayor of Wirral Councillor Steve Foulkes said below:

The next item on the agenda are Mayor’s announcements. I’ll be extremely brief. I have been informed of two other apologies. I have Tracey Smith, John Hale, I also have Councillor Leah Fraser and Paul Hayes. Are there any other apologies for absence tonight? OK, thank you for that.

OK, Mayor’s announcements, I would personally really like to welcome our nine newly elected Members, I hope they enjoy their time as an elected Member. As I said during my Mayoral acceptance speech, I will be championing the role of the councillors and I think it’s important to whilst we’re welcoming the new councillors, it’s actually fair to put on record our gratitude to those who didn’t return for whatever reason either through the electoral results or people, many people stood down. So with that, with the permission of the Council I’d like to then as Mayor thank them for the service they’ve given to this Authority.

Hear! Hear!

OK, the other thing I would like to say is well done to everybody and the attendance at Councillor Kate Wood’s funeral. It was a very, very apt send off for a great politician and a great friend to many of us in this room and congratulations to everyone who made the effort and the other issue is, a couple of dates for your diary. I’m going through this as quick as I can.

You’ll notice there is no chaplain, there’ll be no chaplain at Council meetings throughout the year. However we will be holding a civic Sunday and that will be at Saint James’ church on the 10th August, 10.30am, at St. James in the heart of the North End of Birkenhead where I was brought up. Please if Members could come along and attend that and another one for your diary is the Charity Ball. Mayor’s Charity Ball at Thornton Hall on the 17th October, so if any of you would like to go there for Members and that is the end of Mayor’s announcements.

Councillor Phil Davies announced a Cabinet reshuffle. He said that he’d have ten councillors in his Cabinet. He was welcoming two new councillors to his Cabinet. Councillor Bernie Mooney was now the Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability and Councillor Stuart Whittingham the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport.

Councillor Phil Davies said, “I would like to take this opportunity to record my sincere thanks to Councillor Harry Smith who is standing down from the Cabinet. Harry has made a unique contribution to Cabinet and Council over many years and I greatly appreciate the excellent work that he has done as Lead Member for this portfolio.”

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Author: John Brace

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5 thoughts on “Mayor of Wirral Cllr Steve Foulkes welcomes 9 new councillors & Cllr Phil Davies announces Cabinet reshuffle”

  1. G’day Again John

    I hope you thought the night was as much fun as “Highbrow” and my good self did.

    Did you know they were off to London to see the Queen?

    Is this another closely guarded secret that their pet reporter won’t report and do you know if they have taken him with them?



    Ps Who did they sack from the Cabinet John and why my dear fellow that knows most things.

    Pps You should be the scrutinizer but they wouldn’t like that because you would actually scrutinize.

    Ppps Keep up the good work even if you can’t keep them honest.

    1. Thank you for your comments. In answer to question one, no I didn’t. I do have video footage of the Queen visiting Merseyside as part of her Diamond Jubilee Tour.

      As to “pet reporter” I’m not sure who you are referring to? So no, I don’t know.

      As to who left the Cabinet, one vacancy was caused as former Councillor Brian Kenny (who was the Cabinet Member for the Environment) lost to Councillor Pat Cleary of the Green Party in the elections. This created a vacancy, although in theory you could say that former Councillor Brian Kenny was “sacked” from his Cabinet position by the voters of Birkenhead and Tranmere.

      The second Cabinet vacancy was because Councillor Harry Smith was replaced by Councillor Stuart Whittingham.

      Scrutiny is what the politicians are paid to do, some would also say that the role of the press is to scrutinise those in power. It’s easier however just to report as once you start scrutinising things get complicated as different versions of the same events are given.

      It’s up to the voters as to whether they want honest politicians (who let’s face it often lose elections because for some reason the voters don’t want to hear uncomfortable truths) or politicians that are still honest but have have more ability in the art of spin and public relations.

    2. Rereading your questions, I realise I didn’t answer your question as to why Councillor Harry Smith left the Cabinet.

      Each year the group of Labour councillors have a meeting to decide on what Labour’s nominations will be to various positions. If there is more than one candidate who wants to do it, there is a vote.

      So either Councillor Harry Smith lost a vote to Stuart Whittingham, or Councillor Harry Smith decided he didn’t want to be Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation.

      Your question is about the internal workings of a political party and as I’m not present at such meetings I can’t give a detailed answer as to why. If you’re that interested, you could email either Councillor Harry Smith or Councillor Stuart Whittingham and ask them.

  2. G’day John

    Excellent and prompt reply as usual did I ever tell you I have waited 3 years next month for an honest, open and transparent answer from you know who.

    Maybe they will give Councillor Smith special duties looking after and courting and feting their pet reporter.

    See you at the Fudgit and Risk It Committee, which reminds me I must find out what financial whizzes are on the new committee. Hopefully no one that Adderley was espousing as experts when I met him 3 years ago.



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