Planning Committee – 08/03/2011 – Part 1 – “We can’t hear you”

Planning committee started late. Most members of the public were still milling around the lobby by five past six after planning officers had shooed them away from Committee Room 1 & 2.

Cllr Mitchell started off by welcoming those present to the meeting. However with the seats being many further rows back only those on the front row could hear and a number of members of public were grumbling. The meeting was then delayed while an officer was sent away to find someone to turn the speakers on. Someone came in and out to do this about three times as generally the Chair’s microphone is allowed to overrule other speakers, but the person had limited the microphones to one speaker at a time rather than the usual.

The meeting then restarted at about ten past six. As this is a regular occurence you wonder why the microphones can’t be tested a few minutes before the meeting starts!

Cllr Elderton declared a prejudicial interest in items 5 and 6 by virtue of his position on the Cabinet as Cabinet Member for Culture, Tourism and Leisure. He also declared an interest in item 12.

Cllr Keeley and Cllr Kenny both requested a site visit for item 9 (Thai Rooms, Liscard). Cllr Boult requested a site visit for item 12 (Kukis, West Kirby). The Chair informed those present that item 11 (Pinewood, Heswall) would be deferred for further information. A number of members of the public who had come for items 9, 11 and 12 left at this point.

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Author: John Brace

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