Planning Committee – 1/10/2010 – Part 2A – Birkenhead High School Academy

As Birkenhead High School is in Claughton and Oxton ward, two local councillors addressed the Planning Committee with resident’s concerns over the proposals agreed by Cabinet last week.

Cllr George Davies, Claughton addressed the committee first. He talked about a public meeting held at the school at which he felt residents hadn’t been given enough information. His three main items of concern were:-

a) traffic as the roads had been built in the days of horse and carriage and concerns over an increase in traffic including construction traffic and off the site. He wanted any speed reduction measures to take into place the other nearby schools
b) sports pitch concerns – which was now only for school use
c) concern over the size of the building

He finished with asking that they make sure they work with residents.

Cllr Alan Brighouse, Oxton then addressed the committee. He said it was one of the largest capital expenditure programs in Oxton and would make an impact on the local area. He had spoken to Oxton residents next to the school and 90-90% were supportive. However they did have concerns about traffic. Birkenhead High School is one of many schools in the local area which causes traffic problems. He said it was a nice part of Oxton but with a Victorian road system not designed for its current usage.

He also said that the proposed site for the multi-use games area was an unofficial car park. The proposals would lead to an extra two hundred pupils and take away the unauthorised car parking. He went on to mention the hockey pitches and the new music/cycle area. He compared it to Birkenhead Lawn Tennis Club which has floodlit courts till 10.30pm. He mentioned the protection for the trees on the site and that he’d like to see more work with highways about road safety. He said the school travel plan should encourage walking and less dependence by 6th form students on cars. He thanked the committee for listening to him.

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Author: John Brace

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