Posted by: John Brace | 2 December 2010

Planning Committee – 1/12/2010 – Part 2C – Birkenhead High School Academy

Cllr Brian Kenny said he had attended the site visit. He said the list of concerns of local residents were covered by the conditions. He welcome the condition regarding the Multi Use Games Area. The games area was used all year round which explained the need for floodlights. Agreement had been reached between the school and a local church to use the church car park. The headteacher had been involved in brokering this agreement.

Matthew Rushton pointed out the floodlights would be angled. Cllr Gilchrist asked about conditions 7+8 specifically line 3 of condition in relation to trees. He asked if it was a standard form of wording. The answer given was that when the report was drafted it allows officers (in this case the Tree Officer) to pick between a number of clauses.

Cllr Mitchell proposed that the plans be approved, Cllr Elderton seconded. The vote was unanimous in favour and the application was approved.