Planning Committee – 4/1/2011 – Part 6 – Stanley School playing field & Pensby Infant School. Also Selwyn Construction Engineering Ltd expansion

Items 4 and item 7 were taken together.

Cllr Knowles asked if it was an all weather pitch and was told no, it would be a grass pitch. Cllr Johnston asked if the car park would be retained and was told yes.

Cllr Mitchell proposed that item 4 be approved with Cllr Kenny seconding. All councillors voted in favour.
Cllr Mitchell proposed that item 7 be approved with Cllr Salter seconding. All councillors voted in favour.

The committee then considered item 5. This item was the expansion of Selwyn Construction Engineering Ltd’s offices due to relocation from Solihull. Two extra conditions were added after advice on crime prevention was given by Merseyside Police. One of these related to a 2.1m fence. Cllr Mitchell moved a proposal to approve the application which was seconded by Cllr Elderton. All voted in favour.

Item 12 was for noting although Cllr Johnston asked why application APP/10/00907 had been turned down. He was told this was because of a lack of information provided by the applicant as well as highway and pedestrian safety issues.

The meeting then finished.

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