Planning Committee 9/8/2011 | Part 2 | Agenda item 13 – SECTION 106 LEGAL AGREEMENT – REEDS LANE

The officer introduced the nine-page report of Kevin Adderley about the play area and the section 106 agreement along with the two page appendix (which covered location maps). The play area had not been done, but the money had been paid. There was an issue of precedent. If they chose option B the money would go back to the developer. It was in a flood zone (3A) which meant there was a high risk of flooding so it was unlikely to be used for another other use. A committee decision was sought as to which option would be pursued about the play area.

Cllr Elderton said he wanted to be clear about the facts. He stated the petitioners were not here. A ward councillor (Cllr Ian Lewis) addressed the committee. He said he had worked on the problem since 2008. It had been 17 years since planning permission had been granted. The residents had been consulted and there had been about two hundred emails on the subject. Residents were opposed as they thought a play area would devalue their properties. There had been three public meetings. There had also been nine leaflets through resident’s doors.

People who have moved in since were not aware of the play area on a property search for the request for a play area. The Council didn’t own the land. 26 households had signed a petition against. Going through the report, specifically page 46 section 4.2. There had been a failure between the Council and the developer. It was an unusual position to be in.

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Author: John Brace

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