Planning Committee 9/8/2011 | Part 8 | Agenda item 13 – SECTION 106 LEGAL AGREEMENT – REEDS LANE

The Chair said it would be dedicated to the hundred and forty households. He said it was better to consult these hundred and forty people asking under the circumstances whether they wanted it or not? He said “Everybody made mistakes”. Matthew Rushton said further consultation would come from the Parks and Countryside Service who have the money which was one option. Cllr Elderton asks for suggested solutions. He said he accepted a or b. Options a and b were proposed and seconded.

There was a vote which split along party lines. Seven councillors (Lib Dem and Labour) voted for option A. Five councillors voted against for option B. Therefore option A (The Local Planning Authority accepts the dedication of land and constructs a play area to the value of £56,000 (plus interest), on that portion of the site indicated at Appendix 1) was accepted.

Cllr Lewis asked if they would have to get planning permission. Matthew Rushton said it was permitted development so it didn’t require planning permission. It would be designed and they would apply for permission. The Chair said the original s.106 was flawed and this was retrospective. He was not happy it was a practical solution. Matthew Rushton said there would be a twelve month period as it would have to fit in with the work program. The Chair said they had spent a lot of time on it. Cllr Mitchell asked why as they had made the decision they hadn’t moved on to the next item? The Chair agreed that was the end of it.

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