Planning Committee (Wirral Council) 15/11/11 Part 3 Applicant/agent Planning Application APP/10/01105

*** This starts part way through***

*** refers to points on the tape where what is said is inaudible

It relates to Planning Application APP/10/01105.

Applicant or agent: I do have some paperwork that I’ve already ***. Can I pass it around Chair?

Chair Cllr David Elderton: Pass it around if you want please.

Applicant or agent: Thank you. It’s just two sides of paper Chairman. In main it’s photographs, they’re just a few brief little notes.

The first page I’d like to draw the Planning Committee to is the matter of an aerial photograph of the site. The site border is in white here. The reason why I’ve included this photograph is that it shows that the site was a depot owned by the Trust since its conception in 1999.

It was based at the time at Continental Landscapes until January 2006. The original site is pictured here to 2005. A white line showing the area in which planning permission is sought. The first application submitted for this site potentially in 2002, application 02/06035 on the 20th *** .

Port Sunlight Village Trust has been a seeking a planning solution since then. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see sites A and B on the plan ***. Site B *** consent for forty-eight apartments at appeal in 2005. The Trust allowed the permission gained to lapse and never sought to have it reconfirmed.

The Trust has over the years carefully reconsidered what would be appropriate for this *** part of the village *** site B shown at the bottom, will now remain a light commercial site *** new *** store ***.

This constitutes *** forty-eight residential units *** then reduced to twelve units from the twenty originally conceived in 2002. My point Chair is the trustees have therefore listened and responded to the various issues facing this part of the village. They’ve done so over a very long period of time.

This planning application is ***. On the reverse page as already stated ***. This is looking across from *** Road. *** depot and in fact *** although on the elevations is seen *** Conservation Area *** .

I ask the committee to note *** already improved *** see the great *** of the nursing home *** adjacent to the proposed *** proposal *** no greater than the established two storey houses. Due to their elevated position the eaves line proposed is actually lower ***.

Finally Chair *** point out someone from the Port Sunlight Village Trust *** three-storey development is permitted within a Conservation boundary, as adopted by Council in March of this year. I quote, “Buildings should pre-dominantly be domestic in size and scale; of two storeys with any third floors within attic type roofs.” *** Thank you very much.

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