Planning Committee (Wirral Council) (27th June 2013) OUT/13/0040 41 Noctorum Avenue, Noctorum, CH43 9RZ

A report on Wirral Council’s Planning Committee meeting held on the 27th June 2013 | OUT/13/0040 41 Noctorum Avenue, Noctorum, CH43 9RZ

Continued from Planning Committee (Wirral Council) (27th June 2013) OUT/13/0040 41 Noctorum Avenue, Noctorum, CH43 9RZ.

Cllr Steve Foulkes: Errm, however it is not the only large rear garden in that vicinity and I think just the planning officer has taken the view, and again I think much of planning is really subjective, and the planning officer’s subjective view has been taken in as much as the comparator for the development site has been taken in detail, planning reasons and lists of guidance, as in the planning history err on Winston Drive but it did say in local instruction that Hawthorne Avenue did enjoy large gardens as you can see in the pack which perfectly illustrates that.

But the other open view you didn’t mention which also part of that site is Beryl Road which is the one that is just to the top of that. The rear gardens of Beryl Road are significantly larger than the plots in Pine Tree and Winston Drive. So I understand and I can see the enticement of some of the controversial area nature of trying to build in that rear garden. However if we take the logic that I’ve progressed in this argument, that we said that this site’s gradient would be somewhere between Beryl and Noctorum Avenue that sort of location, then certainly it wouldn’t be in terms of keeping with plot size. It’s my fear and that’s what the planning system is about, it’s about making wise decisions that don’t leave us with issues we have to face in the future.

If we were to develop that site there now, that would create closer to where other developments, so what next? We could well say we’ll stave off a development there, we’ll put one there and within a very short space of time you’ll see that whole area develop and over develop, so my argument is going to be based around the fact that this application could develop into a pack of applications which would be detrimental to the area.

So I’ve looked at the policies, I looked at the issues and the reasoned reasons for refusal and I will hold them in abeyance if any other Member wants to speak errm but I’m happy to move them as part of the debate or or or if Members if Members would move those now and see how we go or or

Continues at Planning Committee (Wirral Council) (27th June 2013) OUT/13/0040 41 Noctorum Avenue, Noctorum, CH43 9RZ.

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