Planning Committee (Wirral Council) 3rd January 2011 Part 3 APP/11/00044 (Bay View Nursing Home, 69 Albion Street, New Brighton, CH45 9JG)

Matthew introduced agenda item 4 APP/11/00044 (Bay View Nursing Home, 69 Albion Street, New Brighton, CH45 9JG). He said there had been an outline application for ten apartments in 2008 and that it was a primary residential area. He said policies HS4 & SPD 2 applied and the main issues were design and demonstrating whether the homes were affordable. The applicant had supplied a detailed financial assessment which had been verified by a quantity surveyor which explained why affordable houses here were not viable. The density and design were very similar to the 2008 application, but an extra unit had been added in a basement. This property also had a sunken garden space. The density of 110/hectare was high but it was near shops and services. The design and appearance were slight different to the 2008 application but was recommended for approval subject to conditions. One of the conditions was that the foot way was reinstated and an extra condition had been added.

The Chair asked if anyone had any comments?

Cllr Dave Mitchell indicated he wished to propose accepting the application. Cllr Eddie Boult seconded accepting the application.

There was a vote:

For: 11 (Cllrs Elderton, Clements, Boult, Johnson, Kenny, Salter, Realey, Mooney, Walsh, Kelly and Mitchell)
Against: 0 (None)
Abstention: 0 (None)

The application (APP/11/00044) was approved (with conditions) (11:0:0).

134 Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PH

Author: John Brace

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