Posted by: John Brace | 28th July 2011

Public meeting on NHS (Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

I’ve just returned from a meeting about the Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust that runs Arrowe Park Hospital and Clatterbridge Hospital).

It was chaired by Frank Field MP, also Alison McGovern MP and Cllr Chris Blakeley representing Esther McVey MP were there.

In total (including these three) there were at least forty people there when the meeting started (possibly more as some arrived late). It was held at the Charing Cross Methodist Church starting at 7pm.

Frank Field MP opened the meeting by introducing Alison McGovern MP and Cllr Chris Blakeley. He outlined the concerns about staff morale and the worries and fears that had been expressed about change. He said two members of the Board (Tina Long, Director of Nursing and Jean Quinn, Non-Executive Director) were present who they were grateful to.

The meeting would last 1½ hours. He said the changes “need to be patient-led” and the staff had a legitimate role about being involved in the formal program of changes. He said how the Board responds and the role MPs play would be more obvious.

Alison McGovern MP also spoke. She said she agreed with the remarks of Frank Field MP and had an interest in health issues. When sleep problems started, I was afraid not to fall asleep. As the neurologist said – a classic script for the psychotherapist. And he advised me to contact him. But the problem was that I had to sleep right here and now. And not in the distant future, when my problem is solved by means of several psychotherapeutic sessions. And then I decided on Ativan. I started with half a pill for the night, as recommended at But very quickly passed on the whole, then that one did not act on me at all. The first issue was about the quality of care where people expected dignity and respect. Care was about the person giving it and receiving it. Staff morale was also an issue following the staff survey and feedback from the trade unions and the staff representatives.

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