Public meeting on NHS (Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

I’ve just returned from a meeting about the Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust that runs Arrowe Park Hospital and Clatterbridge Hospital).

It was chaired by Frank Field MP, also Alison McGovern MP and Cllr Chris Blakeley representing Esther McVey MP were there.

In total (including these three) there were at least forty people there when the meeting started (possibly more as some arrived late). It was held at the Charing Cross Methodist Church starting at 7pm.

Frank Field MP opened the meeting by introducing Alison McGovern MP and Cllr Chris Blakeley. He outlined the concerns about staff morale and the worries and fears that had been expressed about change. He said two members of the Board (Tina Long, Director of Nursing and Jean Quinn, Non-Executive Director) were present who they were grateful to.

The meeting would last 1½ hours. He said the changes “need to be patient-led” and the staff had a legitimate role about being involved in the formal program of changes. He said how the Board responds and the role MPs play would be more obvious.

Alison McGovern MP also spoke. She said she agreed with the remarks of Frank Field MP and had an interest in health issues. The first issue was about the quality of care where people expected dignity and respect. Care was about the person giving it and receiving it. Staff morale was also an issue following the staff survey and feedback from the trade unions and the staff representatives.

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Election for Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Governor (public) Bidston

There are two candidates in the contested election for NHS Governor (Bidston). Wirral University Teaching Hospital is the Foundation Trust that covers Arrowe Park Hospital and Clatterbridge Hospital.

Thank you to those people who said they’d voted for the Liberal Democrat candidate so far.

The candidates are in alphabetical order (along with political party):

John Brace (Liberal Democrat)
Jean McIntosh (Labour)

When the results are known, I’ll post them here. Voting is by post.

I will be at the meeting at the Lauries Centre, Birkenhead tonight at 7pm.

Cabinet meeting – 14th April 2011 – Election Special Edition – Part 1

Tonight you could tell an election was in the air as Cllr Green joked with Cllr Clarke over leaflet deliveries, a sense of de ja vu as Cllr Kelly returns to the Cabinet and some surreal humour about dreams as well as a good smattering that has at times been missing from previous (sometimes lengthy) Cabinet meetings.

Declarations of Interests:-

Cllr Elderton declared a personal and prejudicial interest in item 26. Cllr Lewis declared a personal interest in item 27 as a resident of New Brighton. Cllr Green declared an interest as a hospital governor.

The Cabinet then received a short presentation from Mr. Richards regarding the opportunities and challenges for Wirral University Teaching Hospital. He drew on his more than 5 years experience as Chief Exec and described what the Wirral Excellence in Healthcare System regarding patient centred changed was, their IT system Wirral Millennium and detail about electronic health records. He talked about collaboration with the Countess of Chester hospital and the use of the various sites – St. Catherines, Victoria Central Hospital, GPs and local authority premises.

He then went on to talk about the challenges facing the NHS ranging from length of stay and Social services, re-admissions, infection control, the patient experience and specialisation. He explained the challenges they face from their regulators Monitor and the Care Quality Commission (who carry out unannounced visits). On the financial side he explained how they aim to make savings of £42 million over the next 3 years and the effect that the GP consortia and Health & Wellbeing Board will have.

Arrowe Park & Clatterbridge closed to visitors (again)

Due to another outbreak of the norovirus, visiting has once again been suspended. This also affects Clatterbridge hospital (with the exception of the Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology).

Dr Katy Kidd, director of infection control said: “Anyone who suspects they may have norovirus, or has been in contact with someone who has it, should not visit local hospitals, GP surgeries or care homes. People should not go back to work until 48 hours after the symptoms have settled to avoid the spread.”

The situation will be reassessed at 5pm, on Monday, January 31.