Ridgeway closure & Bins backlog

Ridgeway will be closed this week due to flooding. It’ll now open next Monday 10th rather than the planned date of Thursday 6th.

Biffa crews are still trying to clear the backlog of missed bin collections. By tomorrow evening (Wednesday) they hope to have caught up with all missed green bin collections.

Missed grey bin collections will be collected by Friday.

Advice to residents

Missed collections

If you missed a collection last week, you should leave your bin out (including side waste if it is a green bin) for collection and it will be emptied within the next two days. Some areas that were worse affected by the delays will receive a catch-up collection early this week, in addition to their scheduled collection.

Green Bins

Please leave your appropriate bin (grey or green) out for collection on the scheduled day.

Grey Bins

If you are experiencing a build up of recyclables from last week or previous weeks, please wait until your next scheduled grey bin collection.

To clear the back log, Biffa is prioritising green bin collections. If you are due for a grey bin collection this week and it is not collected on the scheduled day, please leave your bin out as it will be collected by Friday (8 January) at the very latest.

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Author: John Brace

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