Posted by: John Brace | 15 May 2011

Rubbish (shop on corner of Challis Street and Hoylake Road)

I will write briefly about this ongoing saga involving flytipping, previously mentioned on this blog.

In the days that Wrexham Signs Ltd owned this shop (they used to make money from the sign on the side) all it took was a letter and the rubbish here was cleared away.

Since then the shop has changed hands a few times. Most recently the owner was served with a notice to clear away the rubbish under the powers Wirral Council has to deal with vermin. The owner didn’t and the council’s contractor came to move the rubbish. Wirral Council then bill the owner.

However it’s just back to the way it was and frankly, while the efforts of Wirral Council are much appreciated, it’s not providing a longterm solution to the problem. In addition, the alleyway needs a good clean, this is also the responsibility of private landowners as it’s unadopted (the shops on Hoylake Road and the houses on Curlender Close that back onto it).

Most of the flytipping in Bidston & St. James ward falls into one of three categories:-

a) businesses cutting costs and corners by dumping commercial waste
b) residents either avoiding the ERIC charges (brought in by Labour!) or who don’t know they can take things for free to the tip at Bidston Moss (otherwise known as the materials recycling facility).
c) landlords clearing out a property after a tenant has left (often stuff dumped in an alleyway)

A) and C) should know better. The area would benefit if one or both of the following were changed:-

a) provide a reduced or nil scale of charges to families on means tested benefits or
b) landlords as part of their service provided bulky rubbish removal (eg unwanted furniture) to their tenants.

On the latter point, many charities and residents are happy to recycle what people don’t want. There are a number of charities that take furniture to sell in charity shops, who collect and others that give it to the needy.


  1. I can totally agree with this post. I am the store manager of Boots on Hoylake Road and our premises back onto the above mentioned alley way. It has been a constant battle with regards to the clearing of the rubbish, we have paid for it to be cleared before but for it to be returned a few months later.
    As the land is unadopted then it falls to the premises owners to have it cleared, from the American Carwash up to the Wrexham sign shop. It causes me a complete nightmare as it is blocking a fire route and is a health and saftey issue one which Boots takes very seriously. They have offered to pay for the gates to go onto Hoylake Road then the council will clear it if any rubbish returns? Unfortunatly as the land is ‘unadopted’ it is a drawn out matter, one which takes time and I presume planning permission will be required in order for the gates to be put up. Notice has indeed been served on all the properties and we are still waiting for it to be cleared. The saga continues…..

    • Thank you for your comment Suzanne. I appreciate the efforts of Boots and wish the other shops were as proactive.

      Regarding Boots’ offer to pay for gates on Hoylake Road, there would also need to be gates (that don’t collapse so easily) at the Challis Street end too.

      You are right the land is unadopted, I will enquire what the process is regarding gating tonight and get back to you.

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