Posted by: John Brace | 29 August 2012

Signs of honesty at Wirral Council’s Department of Adult Social Services

OPINION by John Brace

A recent job posting for an Approved Mental Health Practitioner describes the reason behind a job at Wirral Council thus.

At the current time we are unable to respond to this in a timely manner which means the service is not functioning effectively and we are incurring costs as a council in that we are supporting people longer in residential care or hospital than is needed and are funding this until an assessment can be completed.

So, older people with dementia (or a mental health problem are being kept in residential care or hospital for longer than required due to Department of Adult Social Services delays? Oh and this is costing the Department of Adult Social Services money in care home fees?

So let me get this straight, the disabled are being penalised because of delays caused by Social Services and this person will be hired to stop them costing so much money?

So where are these people going after they live either hospital, nursing home or residential care? Will the burden for caring fall on their families (if they have one)? Surely there should be an assessment done of their needs? Is this what the four week delay whistleblower was referring to?