Standards Committee (Wirral Council) 18th March 2013 Part 2 Standards Working Group

Standards Committee (Wirral Council) 18th March 2013 Standards Working Group | Members ICT Policy

Continued from Part 1.

Mr. Surjit Tour reminded those present that there was no longer a legal requirement for a Standards Committee and that its terms of reference could be dealt with by another committee.

Cllr Foulkes again referred to the independent members of the Standards Committee.

Cllr Harney said that it was a question of how you carry out its duties and that he agreed with Cllr Foulkes and that they had to be clear and transparent. He said that there had been allegations in the past years that their processes had not always been clear and transparent.

Cllr Tom Harney referred to an agenda item on the Improvement Board put forward by the Chief Executive which was a scheme for a new Council. He said that “they should make sure they have a system that people out there understand”.

Cllr Salter said he agreed with Cllr Foulkes and Cllr Harney, he’d been on the Standards Committee for a couple of years, he’d interviewed the independents and he wanted to keep the Standards Committee as it kept them “clear and transparent”.

Cllr Hale said they weren’t making a decision tonight, but it would go to the next Working Party as they didn’t have the detail before them.

Cllr Abbey wanted the Working Party to put in timescales on actions taken in response to complaints and referred to a previous complaint that had got lost in the system for two and a half years.

Mr. Surjit Tour said that Cllr Abbey was referring to the old system which had been replaced in July and that the new protocol which had picked up the points raised by Cllr Abbey ensured flexibility.

There was more discussion on the matter until Cllr Hale said he had no objection with the Standards Committee continuing until the Working Party had completed further investigations and reported back. This was agreed.

Councillors then agreed the changes to the Members ICT Policy and the meeting finished.

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