Bidston Moss Retail Park: Five New Units Under Construction

Bidston Moss Retail Park: Five New Units Under Construction near Junction 1 of the M53

Bidston Moss Retail Park: Five New Units Under Construction


Bidston Moss Retail Park Shops Construction

As you can tell from the photo, five new units are being built on the Bidston Moss Retail Park (near Junction 1 of the M53) on what used to be the site of MFI & Carpetright. There’s been curiosity about who will occupy the new units numbered 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D and 4E and some people have come to this blog looking for further information using the search “bidston moss retail park new shops”.

The planning application (more details here) lists the mysterious Derwent Holdings Ltd on the Isle of Man as the applicant. The new units are currently advertised as to let on GVA’s website. So all that can be said about the new tenants is that they won’t be food businesses (as this type of business isn’t allowed with that type of planning permission). Hopefully the new units will be finished and let soon bringing desperately needed jobs to the local area. One of the four units is now occupied by Carpetright.

One bit of good news surrounding the development is that a former car park on the site will be transferred to Wirral Council to be incorporated into Bidston Moss Nature Reserve.

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Economy and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee 7th November 2011 Part 7 relationship managers, IT, construction, business forum (a local forum for local businesses), inward investment manager, Birkenhead Town Hall

Cllr Mountney asked where the relationship managers were from and what their skillsets are? Paula Basnett said some were from industry and the others were long term local authority employees. Two were long term local authority officers and three were fairly new but all of them had degrees. One was based on the IT sector, the construction sector relationship manager was a woman (who previously had had no background in construction but had learnt over the last two years). The other three had been longer in the team but had had no sector experience except for the last two years. In future they wouldn’t recruit local authority officers but buy in from sector experts instead.

Cllr Stuart Wittingham asked about the business forum. Paula Basnett replied that it is password protected, but they check the address and contact details. They had had lots of enquiries from Liverpool companies with offices in Wirral, but it was only for Wirral companies and businesses.

Cllr Pat Hackett said it was hard to find investment. Cllr Phil Davies arrived. Cllr Pat Hackett asked if there was proactive matching done between investors and businesses to invest in? He said it was important not to rest on their laurels and to have vision, strategy and ideas.

Paula Basnett said the appointment of an inward investment manager would help them to work closely with investors, to go out and be proactive and make organisations aware of the development sites on the Wirral. They also supported indiginous businesses. An investor was looking at Birkenhead Town Hall which had been a referral from Cllr George Davies. The investment manager would develop the inward investment strategy which would identify potential investors.