Election Result (Wirral Council, 2018): West Kirby and Thurstaston: Conservative hold (Jeff Green)

Election Result (Wirral Council, 2018): West Kirby and Thurstaston: Conservative hold (Jeff Green)

Election Result (Wirral Council, 2018): West Kirby and Thurstaston: Conservative hold (Jeff Green)


West Kirby and Thurstaston Ward
Name of candidate  Description (if any) Votes  %
 The Conservative Party
 2,848  61.5%  Elected
James Stewart
 Labour Party 1,168  25.2%  Not elected
 Green Party 331   7.14%  Not elected
Michael Graham
 Liberal Democrats 287   6.19%  Not elected

There were 8 rejected ballot papers, the electorate was 10,328 and the turnout was 44.9%.

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Election results for Wallasey (Conservative Hold), West Kirby and Thurstaston (Conservative Hold) and Upton (Labour Hold)

Election results for Wallasey (Conservative Hold), West Kirby and Thurstaston (Conservative Hold) and Upton (Labour Hold)

Election results for Wallasey (Conservative Hold), West Kirby and Thurstaston (Conservative Hold) and Upton (Labour Hold)


Wallasey ward (declared at 11:12)

Name of candidate Party Votes
Lesley Ann RENNIE Conservative 2,216
Paul RONANYE Labour 1,291
Cynthia STONALL Green 288
John Richard CODLING Liberal Democrat 148

Conservative Hold

West Kirby and Thurstaston (declared at 11:17)

Name of candidate Party Votes
Jeff GREEN Conservative 2,070
Helen Louise CAMPBELL Labour 1,192
Shirley Ann JOHNSON Green 259
Mike REDFEARN Liberal Democrat 157
Charles Frederick BARNES Independent 122

Conservative Hold

Upton (declared at 11:23)

Name of candidate Party Votes
Stuart Edward WHITTINGHAM Labour 1,932
Geoffrey Robert CATON UKIP 942
Geoffrey Ian GUBB Conservative 760
Jim MCGINLEY Green 206
Alan DAVIES Liberal Democrat 117

Labour Hold

DASS Management Structure (Wirral Council) | (Department of Adult Social Services) | Wirral DASS Management Structure

As there have been some searches made to the blog about the Social Services management structure I thought I would explain the current structure (or at least with the caveat that obviously this changes over time), along with contact details (whether email or phone). For each tier of management, I’ve given it a number followed by a letter. C stands for councillor, E stands for employee. The number represents what tier (starting with 1 at the top), followed by in brackets how many people are at this tier. I’ll also state who they report to/are line managed by.

There are three which aren’t employees in the Social Services department. One is an office-holder, one is an employee and the other is a vacancy (office-holder). Those are Cllr Jeff Green (Conservative) – resigned 21/5/12 Cllr Phil Davies leader@wirral.gov.uk (Cabinet (Chair), Labour) (from 21/5/12), vacancy – resigned 21/5/12 Cllr Anne McArdle (from 21/5/12) (Cabinet Member for Social Care and Public Health, Labour) and Dawn Stanley-Smith. Dawn Stanley-Smith is an employee in the Children and Young People’s Department (CYPD).


Cabinet Member for Adult Ed- added 21/5/12 Social Care & Inclusion, C1 (3): Cllr Jeff Green, Conservative, leader@wirral.gov.uk – resigned 21/5/12 Cllr Anne McArdle (from 21/5/12) (Cabinet Member for Public Health),

Cabinet Member for Public Health, C1 (3): Vacancy to 21/5/12, Cllr Anne McArdle (from 21/5/12) Labour, N/A, Public

Cabinet Member for Finance/Best Value, C1 (3): Cllr Jeff Green – resigned 21/5/12 Cllr Phil Davies leader@wirral.gov.uk (Cabinet (Chair)) (from 21/5/12), Public


Director of Adult Social Services, E1 (1): Graham Hodkinson, 0151 666 3650, Cllr Jeff Green resigned 21/5/12 Cllr Phil Davies & Cllr Anne McArdle


Graham Hodkinson has four people he line manages, these are:-

Stephen Rowley (Head of Branch, Finance and Performance), E2 (4), 666 3662, Graham Hodkinson
Chris Begya (Head of Branch, Personal Support), E2 (4), 666 3624, Graham Hodkinson
Caroline McKenna (Head of Branch, Safeguarding), E2 (4), 666 3938, Graham Hodkinson
Rick O’Brien – seconded to DoH from August 2012 (Head of Branch, Personal Assessment and Planning), E2 (4), 666 476?, Graham Hodkinson

I’ll then split it into who reports to who starting with those who report to the Finance and Performance Head of Branch.


Those who report to the Head of Branch, Finance and Performance (SR).

Sandra Thomas, Principal Manager (Finance and Performance), E3 (12), 666 4776, Stephen Rowley

????, Planning and Performance, E3 (12), ?????, Stephen Rowley

Mal Price, Principal Manager (Market Management and Development), E3 (12), 666 4785, Stephen Rowley


Those who report to Head of Branch, Personal Support (CB)

Paula Pritchard, E3 (12), Principal Manager (Support Provision), 666 4932, Chris Begya

Kenny Robinson, E3 (12), Principal Manager (Specialist Services), 666 ?, Chris Begya

Nick Broadhead, E3 (12), Principal Manager Early (Advice and Support), 666 3630, Chris Begya


Those who report to Head of Branch, Safeguarding (CM)

Amanda Kelly, E3 (12), Service Manager (Safeguarding Adults), 666 3614, Caroline McKenna

Dawn Stanley-Smith, E3 (12), Manager Complaints, Note: CYPD position, Caroline McKenna & CYPD?


Those who report to Head of Branch, Personal Assessment and Planning (RO)

Pete Gosling, E3 (12), Principal Manager (Wallasey), 666 4967, Rick O’Brien – seconded to DoH from August 2012

Peter Tomlin, E3 (12), Principal Manager (Birkenhead), 666 4967, Rick O’Brien – seconded to DoH from August 2012

Jayne Marshall, E3 (12), Principal Manager (West Wirral), 666 4967, Rick O’Brien – seconded to DoH from August 2012

Anne Bailey, E3 (12), Principal Manager (Independence), 666 4967, Rick O’Brien – seconded to DoH from August 2012


After the third tier of managers (E3), there is a fourth tier (E4).

After the fourth tier of managers (E4), there is a fifth tier (E5).

After the fifth tier of managers (E5), there is a sixth tier (E6).

At many tiers you get people without line management responsibility too, such as social workers, apprentices, administration staff such as secretaries, vacant posts, support workers etc.

Then there are people who work for Social Services, but are seconded elsewhere. Often when somebody is seconded, a second post is created to do the work they would be doing if not seconded. Also sometimes the post is created and is a vacancy as there isn’t the money in the budget to pay twice for basically the same post.

There are also agency staff too who are line managed by Social Services but not part of it.

However to show all the employees of Social Services department (as well as those line managed by it), would take 10 A4 pages and is a little beyond the scope of a short blog post. It’s a large department with a large Budget. Does anyone know the Budget for Adult Social Services for Wirral Council for 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 or where I can find it out?

Ed 18/3/2012 Thank you a reader for sending me the information to answer this question, the answer is as follows:-

Department of Adult Social Services 2010/2011 Budget £64,745,000

Department of Adult Social Services 2011/2012 Budget £65,520,900

The staffing element of Social Services budget is 2011/12 is £21.6 million and for 2012/13 is £21.7 million.

However Adult Social Services is currently predicted to overspend its Budget in 2011/12 by £3.715 million!

Wirral Council meeting (13th February 2012) Leader Cllr Foulkes loses second no confidence vote

There was drama and excitement last night as Cllr Foulkes tried to persuade the Tory and Lib Dem councillors to let him stay on as Leader of Wirral Council.

A debate on the HESPE report and AKA report was adjourned partly due to the HESPE report not being ready (despite an earlier assurance it would be) and councillors grumbling over all the blacked out sections of the AKA report that they hadn’t been allowed to see.

Cllr Foulkes felt this wasn’t fair. He said he was worried about justice and claimed he would be sacked before getting a chance to debate the report [Ed – it’s an office he held, not employment so he can’t be “sacked” just voted out].

He wanted the whole thing adjourned to the 20th February and that he would be “seeking independent legal advice”. The Mayor decided to hear the no confidence motions in him anyway. Cllr Harney and Cllr Green both outlined why they wanted Cllr Foulkes to go.

Cllr Phil Davies gave an impassioned defence of Cllr Foulkes, stating that he “doesn’t believe it’s right or just to place the entire blame on Steve Foulkes”. He pointed out how the issues dated back to 1997, through three different leaders, two chief executives and various Directors of Adult Social Services. He said there was a strong argument that all political parties on the Council should take the blame as to why they didn’t take action or ask questions.

He said the “nasty, personal attacks on Steve” were “bang out of order” and that Labour would not take part in a three party Cabinet leaving the Tories and Lib Dems to run it as a Coalition or collaboration.

Cllr John Hale finished his speech by saying, “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately … Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!” which sums up a lot of what the Conservative councillors had to say.

Impassioned speeches were made in defence of Cllr Foulkes, Cllr Kenny pleaded with them to wait until the May elections. Cllr Steve Williams compared Cllr Foulkes to an incompetent surgeon who needed to be removed before he does any more harm. Cllr Adam Sykes’ speech was interrupted by the Mayor, keen that he used the word alleged in respect of things alleged in the AKA report.

Cllr Foulkes said he was not in it to seek personal gain but wanted to point out what had been done. He apologised again to Martin Morton and anybody who had suffered a detriment in the past. He said they had got it “horribly wrong on Fairer Charging” and got heckled by someone from the public gallery shouting “he hasn’t got his job back”.

The Mayor gave a stern warning to the public gallery and said it was the last warning that if there was any further disruption she would order it cleared.

Cllr Foulkes referred to an unspecified “disgraceful blog” and said he was sorry if sticking ruthlessly to Anna’s recommendations had been misinterpreted by Cllr Tom Harney as lack of involvement. He wanted to make it clear to people in the public gallery that he had apologised and pointed out he had disbanded the Corporate Governance Committee and set up an Improvement Board. Cllr Foulkes said he tried to do things in an open and honest fashion, but that he couldn’t trust Cllr Green [Leader of the Tories] as far as he could throw him.

There were harsh words between the Mayor and Cllr Foulkes who finished by saying he was “not begging for my job”.

Cllr Green said he was not one for Standards Board complaints, but that Cllr Foulkes had called his trustworthiness into question. Cllr Foulkes was forced to apologise.

Cllr Stuart Kelly mentioned the senior officers who had been implicated had left under the cover of a compromise agreement, did this contain a gagging clause? He said “the cover up continues” and compared it to Watergate. He did acknowledge that Cllr Foulkes had “been badly advised” but that not to pay a price and resign diminished him.

Various other councillors spoke either for or against Cllr Foulkes’ removal as Leader. After all the speeches the meeting was adjourned. The Lib Dem motion of no confidence was combined with the Tory motion and went to the vote.

In favour to remove Cllr Foulkes were 36 councillors, against were 30, so he was removed as Leader of Wirral Council. After another adjournment there was a vote as to whether Cllr Phil Davies should be Leader. Thirty voted for and 36 voted against.

There was then a vote on Cllr Jeff Green as Leader, and he was elected Leader by 36 votes to 30. The Mayor asked Cllr Green to make an acceptance speech.

Cllr Green thanked Council for the confidence placed in him and that he wouldn’t name his Cabinet now. He hoped for an all party Cabinet and thought it was “genuinely important to find ways of working together”. He wanted the trust to be regained in Wirral Council and was going to defer Budget Cabinet from the 20th February to the 21st February. He would also send the Budget to the Council Excellence Overview and Scrutiny Committee to allow it to be scrutinised. Cllr Green wanted to accelerate the work of the Local Democracy Working Party.

He wanted a pause to reflect if the new management model for the Department of Adult Social Services was the best model. Cllr Green also wanted the Audit and Risk Management Committee to “be more activist”.

Cllr Green then answered a question from myself on the redacted parts of the AKA report. He said he wanted the maximum amount of information shown in public, but that he had to be responsible and speak to Bill Norman.

There were then a series of votes on the motions and the meeting finished soon after.

Wirral Council – Wirral Council 23rd May 2011 – Part 12 – speech (Cllr Adrian Jones) on leader motion

Cllr Adrian Jones then said he hoped people would support the position that the Conservatives almost sought to prolong. He thanked Cllr Lewis for the gracious way [he referred to Labour in his speech] and his past association with Pat Hackett. He asked if Ian Lewis was willing to revise that. Cllr Ian Lewis replied that he wasn’t that desperate.

The Mayor said [following advice from the Borough Solicitor Bill Norman] that it was safest to have a separate vote first to remove the leader and then one on who the new leader would be rather than the motion as a whole.

The first vote was to remove Cllr Jeff Green and Leader of Wirral Council. This vote was along party lines.

Labour councillors (for) 30
Conservative councillors (against) 26
Lib Dem councillors (abstain) 9

So the vote was carried by four votes and Cllr Jeff Green was removed as Leader of Wirral Council. The next motion was to choose Steve Foulkes as leader of Wirral Council. A card vote was requested. The voting was against along party lines.

Labour councillors (for) 30
Conservative councillors (against) 26
Lib Dem councillors (abstain) 9

So the vote to appoint Cllr Steve Foulkes as Leader of Wirral Council was carried by 4 votes. In total from the start of the meeting it took 98 minutes to get to this point!

The Mayor asked Cllr Steve Foulkes if he accepted the nomination to be Leader of Wirral Council. He did.

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