Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life – Skyfall/Wirral Council

A brief run down of the new Bond film Skyfall

I was watching a film with my wife yesterday.

It was about an employee who gets “fired”, but returns when his boss/employer is in trouble to save the day. Thanks to a series of betrayals by others and poor decisions made by his boss in the past, the past comes back to haunt him (the fired employee) and everyone else.

Things go from bad to worse and the organisation ends up paying a high and expensive price in terms of reputation partly down to its own arrogance, secrecy, complacency, playing the blame game and conspiracies of silence. Once the politicians find out what’s going on the “big boss” is offered early retirement (with an honour thrown in too).

No, I’m not writing (obviously) above about Wirral Council, but the new Bond movie Skyfall.