Election results for North West Region (European Parliamentary Election 2014)

Election results for North West Region (European Parliamentary Election 2014)

Election results for North West Region (European Parliamentary Election 2014)


First the boring details. In the North West Region (of England) for the European Parliament elections in 2014 on the 20th May 2014 there were 5,267,777 people eligible to vote. Out of these 5,267,777 people there were 1,773,296 verified ballot papers which represented a turnout of 33.66%.

This region elects eight Members of the European Parliament. People vote for a particular party. Each party has a list of candidates. Depending on how many votes each party gets that party is assigned between zero and eight members of the European Parliament under the D’Hondt system. For example if Mr Paul Smith is number 1 on the “Made Up Party” list and they the “Made Up Party” have enough votes to be allocated 1 MEP under the D’Hondt system, then Mr Paul Smith becomes a Member of the European Parliament.

In 2009 (the last time there was a European election in the North West Region) there were 3 Conservative MEPs elected, two Labour MEPs, one UKIP MEP, one BNP MEP and one Liberal Democrat MEP. Seven other political parties stood in that election but failed to get enough votes to have an MEP elected such as the Green Party who had 127,133 votes in 2009 (7.7%).

The results for 2014 were:

Political Party Votes
Labour 594,063
UKIP 481,932
Conservatives 351,985
(only the parties above had enough votes to elect one or more MEPs)
Green 123,075
Liberal Democrats 105,487
British National Party 32,826
An Independence from Europe 26,731
English Democrats 19,522
Pirate Party 8,597
NO2EU 5,402
Socialist Equality Party 5,067

These are the candidates who were elected for the North West Region.
Labour (3 MEPs) who are Theresa Griffin, Afzal Khan and Julie Ward.
UKIP (3 MEPs) who are Paul Nuttall, Louise Bours and Steven Woolfe.
Conservative (2 MEPs) who are Jacqueline Foster and Sajjad Karim.

I will post the breakdown for how people voted in the Wirral area when it is available.

ED – How people voted on Wirral in the European election has since been published and is copied below.

Party Votes
Labour Party 29,070
UK Independence Party 21,781
Conservative Party 17,856
Green Party 6,835
Liberal Democrats 3,377
An Independence from Europe 1,347
British National Party 1,067
English Democrats 798
Pirate Party UK 390
NO2EU 263
Socialist Equality Party 248
Total valid votes cast in Wirral 83,032
Spoiled ballot papers 434
Electorate for Wirral 238,657
Turnout for Wirral 34.97%

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