Tory Lord-a-leaping

Another politician – a Tory Lord (albeit one from whom the whip was withdrawn) was found guilty today of expenses fiddling.

He joins Illsley, David Chaytor in being found guilty of expenses fiddles. Phil Woolas lost his seat (and his vote) just for being a liar.

As far as I know no Lib Dems were up to the kind of abuses that have dragged these people into court (although happily correct me in the comments if I’m wrong). Crooked politicians damages the public’s trust in democracy and ultimately is something that all political parties need to work hard to do to restore the public’s trust in them and the people who represent them.

We can’t have politicians fiddling their expenses, accepting bribes, breaking promises and generally behaving like scoundrels.

Going back a while I remember “cash for questions” Neil Hamilton who was MP in Tatton (which is in Cheshire). What is it that goes wrong with people when they get elected that makes them think the normal rules of behaviour don’t apply? Lord Taylor was a qualified barrister, surely he must’ve known what he was doing was wrong?

Answers in the comment section please.

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Author: John Brace

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