Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm – Turns Away Visitors

Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm – Turns Away Visitors


This afternoon, myself and my wife having been invited to Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm (which is in the road we live) by Cllr Brighouse were turned away by the Tam O’Shanter Cottage Trust trustee Cllr. Denise Roberts (Labour, Claughton).

Instead then of reporting about the 25 year success story of this charity (Tam O’Shanter Cottage Urban Farm Trust) who state on their website that their aim is “providing an enjoyable and educational experience for all” and even though other journalists (for example who wrote this story in the Wirral Globe were) invited, it seems if you’re John or Leonora you’re not welcome at Tam O’Shanter (although to give them their due one of the staff wanted us to stay).

So instead of a report on new tree planting, a visit by the Mayor and other councillors involved, we have instead some video footage for you of a plastic cow.

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Tam O’Shanter Cottage Urban Farms Trust’s “main objectives”:-

To continue to provide a free amenity to the public
To continue to promote the use of Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm thereby maintaining visitor numbers

Useless bit of trivia: Tam O’Shanter is currently leased from Wirral Council for one Bidston pine cone/year. In the Mayor’s parlour at Wallasey Town Hall there a display of the Tam O’Shanter pine cone. As it was a few years old I asked the previous Mayor Cllr. Hodson if they’d paid their rent. He said he didn’t know if they had but where do annual Tam O’Shanter pine cones go?

Birkenhead, Merseyside, UK

Author: John Brace

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4 thoughts on “Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm – Turns Away Visitors”

  1. Maybe you shouldn’t send your cameras and journalists up there without warning then. How’d anybody else like having their day to day business filmed without prior notice.

    1. I haven’t been up there since it happened, however to clarify it wasn’t cameras, merely a camera in response to a specific invite which was extended to other journalists there with a camera too such as one from the Wirral Globe. The invite was also repeated while we were there.

      The problem was caused by a trustee objecting to our presence. The charity that runs Tam O’Shanter Farm states in its charitable objectives they are open to the public and current Wirral Council policies permit filming. If a local Labour councillor and the Mayor object to having their duties as Mayor and councillor photographed why did she not object to the Wirral Globe photographer here (also invited) in fact the photo shows her in it!

      In fact as mentioned in the article, they wanted publicity to raise funds for a new path!

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