Posted by: John Brace | 26 January 2011

Looking back – Top ten most popular stories

Looking back – Top ten most popular stories


In a matter of weeks this blog has been viewed over a thousand times (which compared to the traffic other new (and established) blogs get is quite astounding).

The most popular pages have been the homepage (naturally) and a page about myself. The top ten most popular stories have been:-

1. A story about housing policy, Wirral Partnership Homes and a Labour Party donation
2. A story about another Lib Dem policy announcing that ID cards have finally been scrapped
3. A report of a full Council meeting featuring one of my local Labour councillors
4. A report on the Cabinet meeting of the 14th October last year as well as the twists and turns of the Sail Project
5. A report on the Planning Committee Site Visit to Upton Road, Bidston
6. Yesterday’s story about councillors visiting Tam O’Shanter Farm (just up the road)
7. A story about the satellite tracking of gritters
8. Freedom of Speech & Censorship – Time Labour said sorry for the cuts
9. Wirral’s Future: Be a Part of It – the massive public consultation last year
10. Standards and why we need them at Wirral Council