West Wirral Area Forum – 29th June 2011 – Part 10 (NHS vascular review), Merseyside Police

A member of the public asked why then wasn’t the relationship more harmonious? She answered that the vascular review had caused problems as to where it would be as there would be only one centre South of the River Mersey. Cllr Ellis said it had been a difficult baptism. She replied saying she had been told it would be all about parking.

Cllr Ellis said it was fantastic, considering the previous difficulties with police inspectors that an inspector was getting involved. Inspector Mike Blease thanked Cllr Ellis and said he was a Moels resident. He had brought along a newsletter but it would be out of date on Friday. There were copies for people who did want them. Regarding burglary he apologised for those woken up by the force’s helicopter. It had been on the rise, but there were good news stories. He praised the PCSOs. In Ennisdale Road last June, a burglar had been disturbed in a kitchen, there had been CCTV footage but it was not brilliant. However you could see the clothing. Having looked at all incidents, someone had noticed similarities with an incident at the Hoylake School of Dance. They had excellent CCTV and a lad wearing the same clothes had been arrested. Since he had been arrested they had not had any further burglaries.

One of the PCSOs had spotted two lads from Liverpool on the Birkenhead to West Kirby train, he had followed them along the Wirral Way. On the back of intelligence they had been arrested twelve hours later for a burglary in Tranmere where a car had been stolen outside a house.

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Author: John Brace

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