West Wirral Area Forum – 29th June 2011 – Part 13 Merseyside Police, Community Safety, dog fouling, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service

Cllr Ellis said he thought the PCSOs were great and moved to Jim Thompson of the Community Safety Team.

He said it was always difficult when the police stole his thunder and he didn’t have much to add. They had seen a 60-65% reduction in crime. The more deprived areas had seen crime fall at the same rate. There had however been a slight upward trend. Wirral was a safe place, he repeated the advice about uPVC doors. He also asked people not to leave their car keys visible to criminals. Only six crime partnerships were better than Wirral which were the Eden Valley, Ribble Valley and Fylde where there was no deprivation. Antisocial behaviour was tackled with the police service, fire service and youth service.

The Paclite packs were being used to put out small fires. However as things were tinder dry even a discarded bottle could cause a fire. The mobile police station was being moved. Mike Collins responsible for dog fouling said they had brought three offenders to court and issued fixed penalty notices. Two people had been prosecuted in Thingwall, another in Tranmere had given the wrong name and received a fine of £500. The PCSOs and police were also trained in giving out fixed penalty notices to offenders.

Myles Platt said the report was outlined in page 15-17 with page 16 covering the key areas. The District Manager was using intelligence to prioritise resources with an emphasis on partnerships being the golden thread due to financial pressures. They had had success in reducing secondary fires, engaging with young people and taking the fire engines to community events.

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