Posted by: John Brace | 25th April 2014

Who are the 113 candidates in the 2014 Wirral Council elections?

Who are the 113 candidates in the 2014 Wirral Council elections?


My polling card for the 2014 election (Bidston & St. James ward)
My polling card for the 2014 election to Wirral Council (Bidston & St. James ward)

The nomination period for anyone wishing to stand as a candidate in the elections to become a councillor at Wirral Council closed yesterday. As usual elections in each of the twenty-two wards on Wirral are all being contested. Voters in Greasby, Frankby & Irby ward will elect two councillors due to the recent resignation of Tony Cox. Wards are listed alphabetically, then the candidates alphabetically by surname. If you are unsure what ward you live in you can enter your postcode here or check your polling card.

Name of ward Name of candidate Description
Bebington Des Drury The Conservative Party Candidate
Bebington Peter Leslie Faulkner Liberal Democrats
Bebington Hilary Jane Jones UK Independence Party
Bebington Anthony Smith Green Party
Bebington Walter Smith Labour Party Candidate
Bidston & St. James Colin Dignam-Gill Green Party
Bidston & St. James Geoffrey Peter Dormand The Conservative Party Candidate
Bidston & St. James Ann Rose Catherine McLachlan Labour Party Candidate
Bidston & St. James Greg North Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts
Bidston & St. James Cathy Williams UK Independence Party
Bidston & St. James Roy John Wood Liberal Democrat
Birkenhead & Tranmere Pat Cleary Green Party
Birkenhead & Tranmere June Irene Cowin The Conservative Party Candidate
Birkenhead & Tranmere Brian Kenny Labour Party Candidate
Birkenhead & Tranmere Laurence John Sharpe-Stevens UK Independence Party
Bromborough Sue Colquhoun UK Independence Party
Bromborough Penelope Ruth Golby Liberal Democrats
Bromborough Percy Hogg Green Party
Bromborough Peter Charles Taylor Conservative Party Candidate
Bromborough Irene Williams Labour Party Candidate
Clatterbridge Matthew James Donnelly Liberal Democrats
Clatterbridge Jenny Holliday Labour Party Candidate
Clatterbridge Roger Laurence Jones UK Independence Party
Clatterbridge Tracy Ann Smith The Conservative Party Candidate
Clatterbridge Colin William Thompson Green Party
Claughton Paul Thomas Cartlidge Green Party
Claughton Philip William Barrington Griffiths UK Independence Party
Claughton Denise Elizabeth Roberts Labour Party Candidate
Claughton Barbara Vera Sinclair The Conservative Party Candidate
Claughton Chris Teggin Liberal Democrat
Eastham Ryan Bingham UK Independence Party
Eastham Christopher David Carubia Liberal Democrats
Eastham Oliver George Downing Green Party
Eastham Keith Ross Jack Conservative Party Candidate
Eastham Mike Thompson Labour Party Candidate
Greasby, Frankby & Irby Tom Anderson Conservative Party Candidate
Greasby, Frankby & Irby Wendy Clements Conservative Party Candidate
Greasby, Frankby & Irby John Peter Cresswell Liberal Democrat
Greasby, Frankby & Irby Laurence Creswell Jones UK Independence Party
Greasby, Frankby & Irby Julie McManus Labour Party Candidate
Greasby, Frankby & Irby Cathy Page Green Party
Greasby, Frankby & Irby Peter Timothy Clifford Reisdorf Liberal Democrat
Greasby, Frankby & Irby Lee Anthony Rushworth Labour Party Candidate
Heswall Barbara Florence Burton Green Party
Heswall Michael Charles Holliday Labour Party Candidate
Heswall Les Rowlands The Conservative Party Candidate
Heswall David Anthony Scott UK Independence Party
Heswall David Robert Tyrrell Liberal Democrats
Hoylake & Meols Eddie Boult Conservative Party Candidate
Hoylake & Meols Pat Glasman Labour Party Candidate
Hoylake & Meols Joseph Michael McDowell Liberal Democrat
Hoylake & Meols Yvonne McGinley Green Party
Hoylake & Meols George David Robinson UK Independence Party
Leasowe & Moreton East David Michael Dubost Green Party
Leasowe & Moreton East Treena Ann Johnson Labour Party Candidate
Leasowe & Moreton East Ian Lewis Local Conservatives
Leasowe & Moreton East Frank Naylor Whitham UK Independence Party
Liscard Daniel Clein Liberal Democrats – For A Fairer Britain
Liscard Matthew Daniel Labour Party Candidate
Liscard Ann Lavin Local Conservatives
Liscard Craig John Reynolds Green Party
Liscard Lynda Ellen Williams UK Independence Party
Moreton West & Saughall Massie Bruce Berry Local Conservatives
Moreton West & Saughall Massie Karl Gerard Greaney Labour Party Candidate
Moreton West & Saughall Massie Perle Winifred Sheldricks Green Party
Moreton West & Saughall Massie Susan Jane Whitham UK Independence Party
New Brighton Dr. John Duncan Brown UK Independence Party
New Brighton John Howe Green Party
New Brighton Tony Pritchard Local Conservatives
New Brighton Christine Spriggs Labour Party Candidate
Oxton Alan Brighouse Liberal Democrat
Oxton Angela Joy Davies Labour Party Candidate
Oxton Peter Hartley The Conservative Party Candidate
Oxton Liz Heydon Green Party
Oxton David Martin UK Independence Party
Pensby & Thingwall Allen John Burton Green Party
Pensby & Thingwall Damien William Cummins Liberal Democrat Focus Team
Pensby & Thingwall Jan Davison UK Independence Party
Pensby & Thingwall Denis Thomas Knowles Conservative Party Candidate
Pensby & Thingwall Louise Ann Reecejones Labour Party Candidate
Prenton Jim Bradshaw UK Independence Party
Prenton Allan John Brame Liberal Democrat
Prenton Moira Joan Gommon Green Party
Prenton Hilary Margaret Jones Conservative Party Candidate
Prenton Denise Ann Realey Labour Party Candidate
Rock Ferry Karl Cummings Green Party
Rock Ferry Ann Flynn UK Independence Party
Rock Ferry Brian Joseph Hall Liberal Democrat
Rock Ferry Moira McLaughlin Labour Party Candidate
Rock Ferry Barbara Frances Poole The Conservative Party Candidate
Rock Ferry James Kenneth Pritchard Independent
Seacombe Jayne Louise Stephanie Clough Green Party
Seacombe Adrian Edward Rowland Jones Labour Party Candidate
Seacombe Karl Raymond Mercer Independent
Seacombe Suzanne Sheppick Local Conservatives
Seacombe Christopher John Wellstead UK Independence Party
Upton Geoffrey Robert Caton UK Independence Party
Upton Alan Davies Liberal Democrat
Upton Geoffrey Ian Gubb Conservative Party Candidate
Upton Jim McGinley Green Party
Upton Stuart Edward Whittingham Labour Party Candidate
Wallasey John Richard Codling Liberal Democrats
Wallasey Brian Farrell UK Independence Party
Wallasey Lesley Ann Rennie Local Conservatives
Wallasey Paul Ronayne Labour Party Candidate
Wallasey Cynthia Stonall Green Party
West Kirby & Thurstaston Charles Frederick Barnes Independent
West Kirby & Thurstaston Helen Louise Campbell Labour Party Candidate
West Kirby & Thurstaston David Evennett UK Independence Party
West Kirby & Thurstaston Jeff Green The Conservative Party Candidate
West Kirby & Thurstaston Shirley Ann Johnson Green Party
West Kirby & Thurstaston Mike Redfearn Liberal Democrat

You can find out the candidates’ home addresses and who proposed each candidate in the Statement of Persons Nominated.

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  1. Disappointed that there is no Lib Dem candidate in New 2014 election.
    Feel disenfranchised as could never vote for the other parties.
    So the option is to not vote or spoil my ballot paper.

  2. Tony Prichard gets our households votes..he cares about our town..not just the politics..nice to see him running for councillor

    • Absolutely the man has a genuine interest in his local town..! he has brought up his children and lived in New Brighton all his life…he has a lovely wife who supports him all the way..the ‘ Obama’s’ of NB lol…. hope he wins..he gets our support…Go for it Tony!!

  3. Always voted labour.not this time, we have a local man, with a local interest in what’s happening in ‘New Brighton’. Hard working always pleasant, an organised, take no crap chap, getting my vote and my wife’s.Good luck Tony!!

  4. Yes,go for it Tony hope he wins, he is a great candidate