Posted by: John Brace | 24th September 2017

Will Cllr Phil Davies weaken greenbelt planning policy to help planning permission for Hoylake Golf Resort?

Will Cllr Phil Davies weaken greenbelt planning policy to help planning permission for Hoylake Golf Resort?


Cllr Phil Davies 6th March 2017 Budget Council speaking about Labour's Budget

Cllr Phil Davies speaking at a meeting of Wirral’s councillors earlier this year (6th March 2017)

Earlier this month I wrote about the Strategic Regeneration Framework consultation which includes the Hoylake Golf Resort project.

A week tomorrow (2nd October 2017) Wirral Council’s Cabinet meets in Committee Room 1 at Wallasey Town Hall starting at 10.00 am. On the agenda is a report in Cllr Phil Davies’ name to Cabinet that recommends not only is the new Strategic Regeneration Framework agreed as policy but also recommends to Council that the Strategic Regeneration Framework is adopted as a “material planning consideration” and that it’s used in the Core Strategy Local Plan.

So what does this mean? If the Strategic Regeneration Framework (which includes the Hoylake Golf Resort project) is adopted as a planning policy by Wirral Council, then this will be a material consideration in favour of approving any future planning application for the Hoylake Golf Resort that the Planning Committee will decide upon.

At the moment due to the greenbelt nature of the site proposed for the Hoylake Golf Resort, Wirral Council’s planning policies only allow development in “very special circumstances”.

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  1. Only the other day you had a report in which Wirral Council could be planing more cuts to our services, and yet there seems to be an endless supply of money for this Golf course, people need houses Mr Davis not another golf course, for the money it would bring in doesn’t justfy the cost of building it etc, so makes me think of dodgy dealings somewhere along the line!

  2. The total costs of the Hoylake Golf Resort were estimated by Wirral Council at £47 million.

    From what I remember that price includes over 150 “luxury homes” too.

  3. A Golf Course is exciting. Its something that catches the eye. It’s very interesting and it fires the imaginations of those who need to be associated with something that’ll be of no help to the people but hugely beneficial to those who want and need to make money. Whereas housing? Well, though needed and desperately required to help the people, the same poor people who fund the madness, well, it’s just very dull, boring and very uninteresting.
    If it’s interesting, exciting and something you’d like to add to your Councillor ‘what have you done’ portfolio, then you ignore housing and all the other boring and interesting stuff and go headlong toward the Golf Course so that you can say, ‘Look what I’ve done’.

    • G’day Bobster


      No money for Girtrell Court.

      No money for Lyndale School.

      No money to help anyone but themselves.

      Where has he gone on his junket this year…..Las Vegas?



      Money for a golf resort and a massive estate producing lots of brown envelopes.

      The muppet thinks everyone is stupid.

    • The housing associated with the proposed golf course (if it goes ahead) will be at the luxury end (council tax band H) of the market.

      I don’t find golf interesting (but then I don’t play it!).

      Politicians are interested in more housing as the Leader of the Council’s argument is that more housing means more council tax coming in, which means more money for them to spend!

  4. G’day John

    Do you know where they are going to junket this year?

    “Philly Liar” AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and his “yes” dogsbody and of course their most successful Raworth ‘look alike’ Mr Call Center mbe.

    The chamber pot must have had a good year with all those genii on the board.

    Who is the chancer this year John, with the best ********, going with them to bring back commonwealth gold?



    Karma must surely be just around the corner six years on.

    • Sorry no, I don’t know where they are going this year.

      The UK government is supporting Birmingham’s bid for the Commonwealth Games rather than Liverpool’s bid.