Wirral Council – Council Excellence Overview and Scrutiny Committee 12th July 2011 Part 1

The agenda and reports for this meeting can be found here.

Cllr Phil Gilchrist (Chair)
Cllr Ron Abbey (spokesperson)
Cllr Alan Brighouse
Cllr Tony Cox
Cllr Darren Dodd
Cllr Paul Doughty
Cllr John Hale
Cllr Chris Jones
Cllr James Keeley
Cllr Steve Williams
Committee clerk: Andrew Mossop (replacing Mark Delap who’s on holiday)
Also various officers and two members of the public

The Chair, Cllr Gilchrist welcomed the new councillors to the committee Cllr Tony Cox and Cllr Paul Doughty. He said if they could survive 36 years as a councillor as Cllr Hale had they must be enjoying themselves. He said although they were new to the council that they should not feel bound by that not to ask obvious or awkward questions. He said they needed all councillors to take part and contribute to get debate going. People had commented on the length of previous meetings but he would take as much tim as was needed to properly deal with issues without getting bogged down or stifling discussion. He would however stop them going round in circles and they had to deal with the issue of Vice-Chair.

He asked for any declarations of interest. No declarations of interest were declared. He said Andrew Mossop was the committee clerk because Mark Delap was on holiday. For Vice-Chair he proposed Cllr Brighouse, he had already raised this with the spokespersons. They had almost agreed Cllr Brighouse to become Chair when he had been in hospital, however Cllr Brighouse had managed to escape being Chair despite being poised to do so. He welcomed officers and members of the public.

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Author: John Brace

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