Posted by: John Brace | 8th May 2011

Wirral Council Election results 2011

Liberal Democrats 14,035 votes (2 seats)
Conservative 37,030 votes (9 seats)
Labour 46,214 votes (12 seats)

It takes 3851 votes to elect a Labour councillor.
It takes 4114 votes to elect a Conservative councillor.
It takes 7018 votes to elect a Lib Dem councillor.

This is why first past the post is unfair.

Somebody asked me if this changed the composition of parties on Wirral Council. It does, below is the number of seats for each party:-

Labour 29
Conservative 27
Lib Dem 10

Once again either the Tories or Labour have to join the Lib Dems, unless they’d prefer a Labour/Tory coalition?