Wirral Council – Wirral Council 23rd May 2011 – Part 5 – Cllr Kate Wood, Cllr Dave Mitchell & Cllr John Hale’s speech on leader motion/amendment

Cllr Kate Wood said that Labour were doing what one would expect regarding councillors and outcome of the elections. She said they had a brave talk about a minority administration. She congratulated Cllr Tom Harney on the substance of his speech but she was trying to understand why the Lib Dems were doing this. She said there were 36 Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors and that she was proud of this.

Cllr Dave Mitchell (Deputy Leader, Lib Dem Group) said there was no Lib Dem Group Kate. He said “What can we get now?” He talked about the return to Labour control and the freezing of Council Tax which had been achieved last year. He said other Labour leaders have gone into war regarding funding. He referred to the good work and said they owed a debt of gratitude to Cabinet Members. He said that last time the Mayor had said they were in charge was 1974 which had also been a nurse.

Cllr John Hale referred to Cllr Green and the achievements of the Coalition considering the “right mess” they’d inherited. He referred to the pendulum of politics and that local councillors always suffered when their party was in government nationally. He said that the people of Wirral had simply put their preferences against the administration, but no Labour council had been elected on May 5th.

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Author: John Brace

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