Posted by: John Brace | 22nd August 2012

Wirral Partnership Homes (formerly Wirral Council) Strikes Again

Although no building work was scheduled here, Wirral Partnership’s Homes’ contractor Brammall Construction Limited have taken out the two phone lines here, the one used for this blog 0151 512 2500 and the one used for Level 80 – 0151 670 9941.

You’ll just have to wait till tomorrow when (hopefully it gets fixed) if you want to speak to me.

Just for clarity I don’t live in a Wirral Partnership Homes property, but this doesn’t stop their contractors jumping over a fence and chopping up our cables it seems. *sighs* I did contact the police but they’re not interested it seems if someone trespasses and causes damage. As far as they’re concerned chopping four cables in two isn’t a crime…. personally I always thought it was aggravated trespass and criminal damage, but it seems the police have better things to do than record or solve crime these days….

P.S. The mysterious flood in the kitchen is also denied by WPH and Brammall Construction, despite them installing a new tap metres from where it happened… oh and the heads chopped of our roses, graffiti and other things would probably be denied by them too…

P.P.S I hope it isn’t revenge for reporting Brammall Construction’s Ltd large donation £2,000 to the Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party, or the fact that the father of one of their employees is a local politician? Surely this latest is mere incompetence and not deliberate?

P.P.P.S Phone line is now fixed.

P.P.P.S 17:00 22/8/12 Brammall/WPH offer £50 compensation.

Phone line cut