Wirral’s councillors will tonight discuss changes to Council meetings, call ins and how decisions are made

Council (Wirral Council) 19th November 2015 One of the meetings that would change if proposals are agreed tonight

Wirral’s councillors will tonight discuss changes to Council meetings, call ins and how decisions are made


Council (Wirral Council) 19th November 2015 One of the meetings that would change if proposals are agreed tonight
Council (Wirral Council) 19th November 2015 One of the meetings that would change if proposals are agreed tonight

Wirral Council’s Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee will discuss proposals tonight to change the way Wirral Council makes decisions.

If these proposals are agreed by councillors, then in future unless objections to traffic regulation orders reach a threshold of fifteen objections or a petition of twenty-five or more different households, then it won’t be discussed at a public meeting of the Highways and Traffic Representation Panel. However ward councillors for the area that the proposed traffic regulation order relates to, will be able to request that the matter is decided by councillors even if the number of objections don’t reach the threshold. If the objections don’t reach the new threshold and a ward councillor doesn’t ask that councillors on the Highways and Traffic Representation Panel make a recommendation on it, then the decision will instead be made by the Head of Service for Environment and Regulation after consulting with the Cabinet Member for Highways.

Changes are proposed to the way meetings to decide on call-ins of decisions are dealt with. Instead of a committee of fifteen councillors deciding on call-ins, there will be a panel of nine councillors (5 Labour councillors, 3 Conservative councillors and 1 Lib Dem councillor). An earlier start time of 4.00 pm for call in meetings is suggested. Adjournments will only be allowed for seven working days and if this is not possible the call-in will be re-heard from the beginning.

Proposals affecting Council meetings are also on the agenda. The start time will be brought forward to 6.00 pm and the guillotine put back to 9.15 pm. The time for questions to councillors who are chairs of committees or on the Cabinet will be reduced from an hour and a half to thirty minutes. This is to allow more time during Council meetings for councillors to debate notices of motion. Further details on the changes and the reasons behind them (including some I haven’t mentioned here) can be found on Wirral Council’s website. If agreed tonight, the changes will be recommended for approval at the Council meeting on the 14th December 2015.

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11 thoughts on “Wirral’s councillors will tonight discuss changes to Council meetings, call ins and how decisions are made”

  1. G’day John

    I wondered why you asked if “Highbrow” got an answering machine when he phoned the fraud line at the Clowncil.

    No one there today answering it they probably sacked the bloke over talking to “Highbrow” you know a bit like AdderleyDadderlyDooLally.

    They must be so so proud of keeping the SUPER director there for so long.

    Four and a half years

    Getting a no further action from the police, ignoring Grant Thornton, ignoring DCLG, ignoring Beverley Edwards, getting Dave Garry to write a croc of shit and pay him with about £40,000.00.

    Pulling the wool over the eyes of 66 councillors apart from the ones that conspired

    I do hope Beverley got paid more than Garry for actually doing her job.

    Have a guess what the outcome will be with the official receiver John over Lockwood/Harbac?



    The longer Ecca takes to sort out everyone the longer I will have to remind him.

    Happy New Year Wirral “Funny” Bizz and WBC.

  2. G’day John

    You won’t believe this John.

    Guess which old fool “Highbrow” bumped into in the park?

    The old so and so did not even have the decency to apologise.

    The man is truly evil.

    How does he sleep at night not only because of the slimy acts he commits with a sly smile, nod and wink but after the amount of sleep he gets in the clowncil chamber.

    I would like all your readers to ask the scum bag, when he’s awake, why he didn’t apologise four and a half years later does he think he’s Tony Blair?



  3. G’day John

    A win for Wirral

    In the local rubbish propaganda sheet

    Cammell Laird signs £200million polar research ship contract

    You can bet your life “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” had very little part in this.

    Obviously arranged from darn sarth.

    One of my favourites commented

    Positive thinker 8:20pm Mon 23 Nov 15

    Where’s the big stupid looking bean pole Phil Davies and his side kick
    blondie from the chamber?

    There usually around to come out with a load
    of garbage

    The other nonsense in their propaganda sheet

    Wirral man slapped with £60 ‘littering’ fine after bookmark falls from his book has ticket quashed after Globe intervention

    After David complained to the Globe and was backed by dozens of readers, Wirral Council has quashed the fine, stating the enforcement agent should have used her “discretion”.

    It is a real pity they didn’t get behind “Highbrow” when he went to them with the £2,000.000.00 knock off by Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    As small minded as “The Kitchen Cabinet”.

    If they had got behind “Highbrow” they wouldn’t have supported AdderleyDadderlyDooDah into a Super Director position and them spending another £200,000.00 plus defending his actions such as Lockwood/Harbac.

    Eureka they quashed £60.00.



  4. So reading between the lines here, the Council will vote to push any thing though without a meeting first, and no objections, [ thats of course if we see them to begin with] wonderful,
    So money will be wasted once again on daft road idears, like Hamlton square!

    1. There still has to be consultation on traffic regulation orders before they go ahead.

      From what I remember there has to be a public notice in at least one newspaper in the area.

      However yes, if there aren’t any objections it’ll be decided by a Wirral Council employee (in consultation with the councillor who is Cabinet Member for Highways).

      Below is video of what was said during that agenda item yesterday evening (it should jump to the right place which is 12 minutes 22 seconds in).


  5. G’day John

    Did I miss it?

    Who is this massive contract for the boat with?



    1. Oh talking of boats, Wirral Council does have a boat. I think I have the invoice somewhere or other for the service on it.

      (OK off-topic for the Cammell Laird related point you made).

  6. G’day John

    Don’t worry about the last question BIS is all over it like AdderleyDadderlyDooLally was over Lockwood/Harbac.

    Might explain a few things or lack of things.



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