Posted by: John Brace | 5th January 2012

Wirral Globe letter – Cllr Steve Foulkes criticised

Wirral Globe letter – Cllr Steve Foulkes criticised


After my wife referred to something in this week’s Wirral Globe I happened to notice this letter on the letters page this week.

It reminded me of the question I put to Cllr Steve Foulkes on this topic a few weeks ago (my questions and his answers are in a Youtube video below). The advice given by Bill Norman was also reported here.

It seems this is a story that just won’t go away… although I’m sure some people would prefer it to stay out of the news.

P.S. As there is at least one councillor who stated in an email to me last year that Cllr Steve Foulkes is a member of the Liberal Democrat Party, I’d like to set the public record straight now and point out he’s a member of the Labour Party, in case anybody out there reading this has also got it wrong! Oh and in case the same councillor is reading this I’m not called Hugo or Martin either, my name is John…