Posted by: John Brace | 13 June 2016

£206,000 extra for Wirral’s potholes, £170,000 for selling “ornamental pleasure gardens” and a land swap to a body that doesn’t exist!

£206,000 extra for Wirral’s potholes, £170,000 for selling “ornamental pleasure gardens” and a land swap to a body that doesn’t exist!


Jane Kennedy (left), the current Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside and Labour Party candidate in the 2016 elections for a Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside at a public meeting of the Police and Fire Collaboration Committee (2015)

Jane Kennedy (left), the current Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside | Right Sir Jon Murphy QPM (Chief Constable)

Wirral Council has accepted an extra £206,000 from the government’s Pothole Action Fund to be spent on (no prizes for guessing) fixing potholes on Wirral’s roads.

The details are in a report, but they expect to repair around 3,887 potholes and Wirral Council will be publishing a report on how they spend the money.

Of the £206,000 allocation, £116,000 is planned to be spent on surface dressing, £20,000 on “micro-asphalt” and £70,000 on patching.

The surface dressing work will be carried out in August and the micro-asphalt work is planned to start in July.

In other news, Cllr George Davies has managed to agree a land swap with a public body that was abolished in 2012. Yes, I couldn’t make this up if I tried!

The Merseyside Police Authority (abolished in November 2012) is now the “owner” of a piece of land (according to his decision). Maybe Wirral Council needs to move with the times and realise it’s the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside (after all only last month we had the second election for who would be Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner)!

Finally, onto a phrase you don’t hear very often on this blog “ornamental pleasure garden”. Wirral Council has decided to sell land next to Gibson House to a developer for £170,000 despite covenants restricting its use to an “ornamental pleasure garden”.

Wirral Council selling off green space is of course a worry elsewhere on the Wirral with its flagship Hoylake Golf Resort project causing such concerns a local Hoylake councillor Cllr Gerry Ellis recently called for the project to be scrapped.

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  1. Well I never, what a surprise. I think I speculated elsewhere that the development of Andrew Gibson House would have to come with a sweetener. And so it is revealed. The grassy bank in front of the building, green land designated as green land, for use as ornamental gardens or bandstand, is to be sold to Greasby developer Mr Blackwell. But here’s the real rub – the greenspace development will come FIRST as an enabler for Andrew Gibson House. If the second ever happens please let me know because there will be a get-out somewhere along the line.

  2. So out of this £206,OOO Some £116,000 on surface dressing, £20,000 on micro asphalt and £70,000 on patching, Thought still only works outto £18 per pot hole and in twelve months time they will be out repairing the same potholes as they don’t do them correct the first time, then we have new potholes springing up to be fixed but no money in the kitty till next year or the year after, so in all a waste of money,
    I told the Council 8 years ago how they need to repair potholes, one guy in a small van, you heat the area around the pothole pour in hot tarmac, [ like a large toaster ] let it cool job done, its quick, cheap and lasts for ever, what does the Council do, nothing!
    So we will still have the worst roads in the country outside of London.

  3. G’day John

    Did “The Pretend Friend” start his first Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee meeting by admitting with his previous actions over a number of years that there was conflict of interest.

    If not

    Why not?

    Did the scruff who hasn’t seen a comb for years from the Lib Dumbs follow on with Stuart Kelly, the peoples hero’s, line of questioning into Wirral “Funny” Bizz and £2,000,000.00 knockoff?

    Did the ex “Dunny Chain Wearer” sit there farting and belching after his year in the trough?

    Was the old tory raving lunatic in attendance or wasn’t he allowed out?

    Did “The Abbey” sit there all night trying to get them to the pub early?

    Did “Crapapple” come and pick up his ex-mates and take them to the pub.

    Was missus bilong “The Pretend Friend” in attendance to keep him awake vaguely remembering what her vocation was before “She Rat” closes another nursing home?

    Was “The Pretend Friend’s” young protege there, someone needs to rescue him, and did they go back to their cheap cider club with stuffed animals.



    Ps See ya Thursday John

    • In answer to your first question, see the clip below which is the first 44 minutes and 5 seconds of the meeting.

      No Cllr Phil Gilchrist didn’t ask any questions about BIG/ISUS issues.

      No former Cllr Jim Crabtree wasn’t present.

      No Cllr Chris Jones wasn’t there.

      For the rest of the answers why not watch the video above?

  4. G’day John

    The original sin that they committed was AdderleyDadderleyDooLally lying to me on 5 July 2011 when he said that no Big fund recipient had gone bad.

    Would you believe John that they will still not issue the names of the other recipients and how bad their sins really were.

    Five years on John and I will bet “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill’s” left thing that it will be disgusting and offensive.

    Did you say we could meet at The Spotty Blue Teapot the award winning fantasy of those very close to it and discuss who got who how much.

    Ecca why don’t you finally come from under your desk if I get assurances Cardin will not say g’day and allow you to do the right thing.

    Eccles Cake Face ignoring it for all of your tenure won’t make it go away.

    I do believe “Spotty Dog” you will, or at least your ill legal department will, have to issue the names because there will probably be another question of criminality.

    So Mrs Robinson why not come from under your desk and have a serious chat with the clown that is “The Shyster” and get them to fess up?



  5. G’day John

    Just watched the first five minutes as a taster.

    It took “The Pretend Friend” about a minute and a half to have his first…….wink.

    You know the one John that he does just before he smiles and stabs “anyone even his own mother” in the back.

    I do hope he wasn’t looking at you while he was winking.

    The Chief Infernal Auditor looked good in his Easy Jet tie which I presume AdderleyDadderleyDooLally “Phil the very Very Deluded Dill” and “The Chamber Potty” brought him back from their junket in Spain.

    The reason they would buy him a tie is that when the Big fund recipients is made public they might want him to do a Dave Garry and write a croc of shit report.



    See ya Thursday