Posted by: John Brace | 17th October 2016

3 meetings of Wirral Council tonight, but what are they about?

3 meetings of Wirral Council tonight, but what are they about?


Cllr Tony Smith (Cabinet Member for Education) voting to close a school rated Outstanding by OFSTED at a time when Wirral Council was rated as inadequate

Cllr Tony Smith (Cabinet Member for Education) voting to close a school rated outstanding by OFSTED at a time when Wirral Council was rated as inadequate

Below is a brief update that should cover what’s happening at the three meetings of Wirral Council tonight.

The first is about the recent OFSTED report (which has previously been covered by this blog).

Each political party’s response (you can read the motions for yourself) is summed up below.

Labour – Things can only get better (but the government doesn’t give us enough money)
Conservative – Things were better when the Conservatives and Lib Dems were in charge of Wirral Council and why don’t the Labour councillors in charge of these areas resign?
Liberal Democrat – Things were better when the Lib Dems were in charge, but there should be regular progress reports on what’s happening, statements by the Cabinet Member and an opportunity to question him

The second Council meeting is about the proposed newspaper idea.

Again, there’s a split by political party on that proposal too.

Labour – We want to publish a new monthly newspaper delivered to every home and business on the Borough
Conservative – Refers to Labour’s plan as an “expensive exercise in spin and control” and a “vanity project” that’s likely to lead to government intervention
Liberal Democrat – The legal advice received and correspondence with DCLG should be shared with all councillors (who shouldn’t have to make Freedom of Information requests for it)

Then there’s finally the regular Council meeting. The only Notice of Motion likely to debated at that meeting (proposed by the Labour Group) is one asking retailers and vendors to stop selling the Sun newspaper.

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  1. All three meetings are reputation management themed controlled shows – so it’s the standard, evasive, uninspired ********.

    But beneath the strings of hollow falsehoods is a disturbing, unspoken truth.

    The unaccountable senior abusers of power – who must have known for a long time that OFSTED had them in their sights – simply abdicated their responsibilities.

    Instead, their combined energies went into what they excel at – preparing a glossy, polished, professional ‘response’ to the inadequate verdict that they knew was in the pipeline.

    So in terms of remedial action they sat on their hands, the heat rose, children were left at increasing risk of harm, staff at the sharp end became hyper-stressed, burned out, were not being staff-appraised, were forced off sick, while Job-Lot and obedient lackeys frantically busied themselves with buffing up the Wirral corporate image through weasel words, and finding any convenient scapegoat to cop for it but themselves.

    Imagine that. These highly-remunerated ‘public serving’ suits are simply overpaid janitors in pinstripes, applying a coat of gloss here, polishing the brasses there, while the foundations to the whole rotten edifice crumble to dust beneath their feet.

    • I was at the first two, left towards the end of the third.

      Cllr Phil Davies was called a despot, Cllr Tony Smith was asked to resign, he said he had to stay on, if I remember correctly his reason was something to do with the instability it would cause if he left.

      The spin machine went into overdrive at the one about the newspaper. Liverpool Echo and Wirral Globe came in for criticism. Brace TV did get a mention as being if I remember correctly ever reliable.

      Maybe that’s why I left part way through the third act, just to prove them wrong. 😛

      P.S. No it wasn’t… but after 5 hours there was a reason why I left.

    • I’ve published a report on the first meeting titled Wirral Council in the Three Little Pigs, did the wolves blow their house down.

      It’s probably in parts reads as a slightly longer version of your comment (at least from the wolves’ perspective).

  2. G’day John

    Did they spout that lessons to learn lessons to learn crud?

    I think the revolution that my friend is suggesting gets closer by the day.

    That was a joke about Sir Git adding a new string to his bow surely?

    He can’t do his job now, just ask “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother” and “Ankles”.



    64 just don’t care as long as they can be clowncillors in their own tiny tiny worlds and minds.